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Replacement Windows Shingle Springs, CA

Increase the beauty and value of your Shingle Springs home with our replacement windows! Huge Selection Available! Choose GVD Renovations' Shingle Springs window contractors for professional window installation & replacement services.

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Energy Efficient, Quality Shingle Springs Replacement Windows from GVD Renovations Home Windows Shingle Springs

Homeowners often recognize the need for replacement windows well before they get around to replacing them. This is because most people are concerned about the cost of new windows, or they fail to realize how much money is leaking out of their home on a daily basis.

If you have old windows with poor seals, then replacing them will actually save you money. Sadly, many people don't even realize that their windows leak, but a simple inspection can ascertain whether replacement windows are right for you.

At GVD Renovations, we offer full-service replacement window service - from initial inspection to product selection and installation. If you're ready to start saving money, give us a call today and find replacement windows that fit your needs, and your budget.

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From Home Inspection to Replacement - Finding the Right Shingle Springs Windows Made Easy

Are your windows air-tight, or are your hard-earned dollars seeping through the cracks of age and neglect? Now is the time to let a professional ascertain whether your windows are the reason your home heating and electric bill have suddenly skyrocketed - and it all starts with a simple phone call.

Old wooden windows are notorious for decay, and can become breeding grounds for all kinds of black mold and other pathogens. Our vinyl replacement windows not only seal the cracks that allow air to move to and from your home, but can also increase the quality of air circulating through your living space.

Because we offer a full line of products, you can also consider the overall design and aesthetic quality of the windows we install in your home. Our quality window products include:

  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows

If you have questions about what windows are right for you, give us a call and a sales manager will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.

One Day Service Means Your Windows Can Be in Place Before You Notice Their Missing

At GVD Renovations, we don't just sell replacement windows, we offer complete installation from a local contractor. This means you can order your windows from the comfort of your own living room, and arrange a date and time for installation that works best with your busy schedule.

We will even haul away, and dispose of, your old windows, making the whole process effortless and hassle-free. Your new windows will withstand the pitfalls of your existing windows, eliminating your stress and worry while significantly lowering your power and home heating costs.

Additionally, new windows will increase the overall value of your home, and you never have to be concerned whether they will warp or rot over time.

Whether you are performing a historic remodeling of your home, or simply seeking to cut your energy costs and eliminate unwanted drafts, GVD Renovations has replacement windows that will conform to the parameters of your budget.

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When you drive up to a home and it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, your eye has a tendency to look away to more attractive looking homes. There is no reason why your home should not be one of the most appealing homes in your neighborhood. Sometimes a simple change of a door can change the whole image of your home. Siding, countertops, windows, doors, pavers or maybe the addition of a porch can give your home a new lease on life. Contact GVD Renovations today and work with our professional contractor's to see what options await you to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to call us today for your free in-home estimate!

About Shingle Springs

A federally recognized tribe is the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians and is located in the County of El Dorado. The These are descendants of the Southern Maidu and the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians. These Indians have flourished in the fertile valley in California for thousands of years prior to any contact with Europeans.

Although the early encounters between the Spanish colonizers and the Indians during the late 1700’s, resulted in some spread of disease and violence, it wasn’t until the 1849 gold rush in California that the Southern Maidu and the Miwok and Southern Indians experienced sustained and devastating genocide. The Indians in Northern California lost the control and due to the gold rush, the Indians in northern California lost the use and control of their original territories, which forced entire tribes to leave their homeland. Approximately 310,000 Indians lived within the borders of what is currently known as California in 1769. Only some 17,000 Indians remained in the same area by 1913.

Surrounded by sugar pines and oaks was a cluster of cool, clear springs, which made this location a natural stopover place for pioneers who were traveling west. One such traveler was a man named David Scott, who in 1849 left Monroe, Michigan to cross the plains and arrive in California. He was so taken with this region that when his party abandoned him Sutterville in 1850, him and a group of men returned here and built a shingle machine close to the springs. This is how Shingle Springs, California got its name. Mr. Scott’s shingle machine produced sixteen thousand shingles each day, that were worth from $800 to $900 when they were delivered at Sacramento.

In 1850, mining started in the region, which resulted in varying degrees of success. The gulches and canyons that surrounded the camp were fickle, some were extremely rich while some were hardly worth working. Reportedly, one of the richest locations in the county was Grizzly Gulch. At one time it paid as much as $200 each rocker each day. The camp grew slowly, and miners’ cabins were located all along the creeks and the gullies.

Many of the earlier buildings in Shingle Springs were constructed as stopover places for travelers. These included the Planters house, which was built by R.S. Wakefield in 1852; The Missouri House built in 1852; and the Shingle Spring House was constructed in 1850.

Four years before the general store in 1853, the post office arrived in the settlement. Up until 1856, there were no stores in Shingle Springs, so the miners and the pioneers had to travel to close by Buckeye Flat for supplies. In 1857, the first store in the settlement finally opened. Thanks to the patronage of the local miners, the store was an instant success and was located close to the Planters House.

Traveling down the Mother Lode Highway, Shingle Springs is located five miles west of El Dorado. El Dorado stretches from the shores of Folsom Lake and oak-studded foothills to the western shore of Lake Tahoe. El Dorado County is probably best known for the gold discovery in 1848 at Coloma. The name of county is derived from the mythical land rich in gold that was highly valued by Spanish explorers. The Miwok and the Maidu Indians were the first peoples of El Dorado County. These were followed by the miners who were drawn to the region by the Gold Rush.

One of the original counties in California is El Dorado County. About where Highway 50 currently runs is where the Pony Express Trail ran between 1860 and 1861. Coloma was the first county seat, which, in1857, was superseded by Placerville for this position.

The Shingle Spring post office was in operation from between 1853 and 1855. In 1865, the Shingle Springs post office was in operation, and in 1895 the settlement was renamed to Shingle and in 1955 was again renamed back to Shingle Springs.

Shingle Springs was established on the location of a mining camp that was set up by the gold miners during the days of the gold rush in California, much the same as many other settlements in the Mother Lode in California. The settlement got its name from a horse-drawn shingle machine that was capable of producing some 16,000 shingles a day and was located close to the springs at the westernmost edge of the camp.

These settlers turned miners left a large compilation of written records that have been preserved and provides a detailed picture of the Gold Rush days. This has resulted in the community being designated California Historical Landmark #456.

Shingle Springs has a rich history and a bright future. It has the atmosphere of a small town with all of the amenities of a big city. It is a wonderful place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

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