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Wood Siding

Beautiful, durable and long-lasting when maintained properly, wood siding is often imitated but never quite duplicated, making the real thing a highly valued and respectable choice.

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Wood Siding Installed in Sacramento and the Bay Area by GVD Renovations

When it comes to a real, authentic and natural style of siding, it doesn’t get any better than real wood siding. Cedar shakes are a common sight because of their incredible beauty and curb appeal. But there are many different types of wood siding available, and GVD Renovations can help install them all for you on your home, no matter where you live in Sacramento or the Bay Area. When you want the very best with a natural, cozy, modern look that never goes out of style, wood siding is the ultimate choice. Beautiful, durable and long-lasting when maintained properly, wood siding is often imitated but never quite duplicated, making the real thing a highly valued and respectable choice among Sacramento and Bay Area homeowners.

Why Choose Wood Siding?

Wood siding is extremely common in our area, owing to the climate and beauty of this siding. It’s natural and beautiful, and there’s a reason why so many other types of siding try to imitate real wood (with varying degrees of success). Even the smell of wood is something that comforts many people, so it’s natural that we’d be attracted to it.

The good news is that real wood siding is available in a variety of styles, colors and choices. Cedar and redwood are often chosen for siding because of their ability to be resistant to decay. Of course, there are many other types of wood that perform just as well. Plus paint and stain adhere very well to wood, letting you create a seemingly endless variety of looks and styles that match with your home’s own design.

If you want your home to have a more quaint and cozy atmosphere, warmer shades of wood add a type of rustic appeal. If you'd like something a bit cooler, contemporary and modern, lighter hues of wood are a great choice. No matter which type of wood you choose, you can feel confident that the job is being done right by the best wood siding installers in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Find out for yourself why we're rated among the top wood siding installation companies. From a wide range of wood siding choices to installation, cleanup and more, there's no one better equipped to handle the job than the team at GVD Renovations!

Readily Available and Easy to Repair

Because wood is so readily available, it’s a great choice for homes in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Plus, unlike other types of siding, wood siding is easy to repair and replace. Of course, it’s important to remember that wood can attract pests as well as the fact that it needs more upkeep than other kinds of siding. If you’re prepared to do what’s necessary to keep it looking good, your new wood siding will provide you with years of dependable and beautiful service. Durability is crucial for homes featuring wood siding, and when treated right, it can give you the kind of enjoyment and admiration that few other types of siding can.

The fact is, you can't help but marvel when you see a home outfitted with real wood siding. There's no mistaking its unquestionable allure and its impeccable quality.

Wood Siding Replacement Experts

Pests like termites are a realistic and common concern of homeowners, but with certain species, like cedar, this threat is minimized because of its natural resistance to bugs and other pests. If you want this type of siding installed, but you're not sure what type of wood would be best, ask us! At GVD Renovations, we're the wood siding Sacramento experts! We are happy to work with you to help you discover the many benefits of wood siding beyond its immense curb appeal and that unquestionable first impression that it makes on everyone who sees it. We'll take the time to understand your needs and your goals with regard to your wood siding, and as a result, help you decide on the best option for your needs and budget.

Older homes in particular can benefit from authentic wood because of their unique construction -- and in some cases, anything but real wood would damage them irreparably. The bottom line is though wood may have some drawbacks in terms of the investment needed to keep it looking good, it pays you back with years of reliability and outstanding beauty that other types of siding simply can’t match. If you'd like to learn more about having real cedar wood siding installed, or one of the many other types of wood siding we can install, simply give us a call or fill out the form on our website for a free, no obligation quote.

Wood Siding Contractor - Replace Siding with New Engineered Wood

In addition to wood siding, we also install many other varieties of siding including fiber cement, James Hardie siding and more, all of which have a similar look to real wood, but without needing as much maintenance. Still, if nothing but the best will do, we understand and we'd love to help! Replacement wood siding can add considerable value to your home and truly make it stand out among your neighbors. Natural wood is also a highly eco friendly choice because it's entirely natural and no two pieces are ever alike. Give your home the natural allure of true wood and be amazed every time you come home.

To learn more, give us a call and let us provide you with a free estimate. We can replace existing siding that has damaged wood, or some damaged area, dry root, or damaged pieces with new wood siding, vinyl siding or engineered wood. No matter what type of siding you need, trust the experts at GVD Renovations for all of your wood siding installation and replacement needs in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Get the job done right by true professionals who have decades of experience in all types of wood siding. We can also provide tips and advice on how best to maintain your wood siding so that you can enjoy years of beauty and great looking siding on your home. Call us today to learn more and get your free quote!

What Customers Are Saying

GVD Renovations removed our wood siding and replaced it with fiber cement siding. Their professionalism, attention to detail and overall quality cannot be matched. The quote was detailed and fair, the work was done as agreed and to our satisfaction. Everyone was a delight to work with, from the original estimate, the communication with the project manager, scheduling, quality of work and final clean-up - they were more than professional. We recommend them without hesitation and will use them again if needed for other home improvement projects.

Jennifer B.

Google 5 Star Rating

GVD Renovations installed James Hardie siding on our large addition. Vlad was very professional, thorough and trustworthy throughout the whole process. We were torn between using fiber cement and vinyl siding on our house. After discussing various options and installation procedures, we ended up choosing Hardie siding. The entire work, and the house turned out beautiful! The workmanship was above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this company!

Susana H.

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