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Mobile Home Siding

Give your manufactured house the look of a luxurious and beautiful design with our mobile home siding installation service.

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Mobile Home Siding Installation

If you’re looking for an easy way to instantly update and modernize your mobile home, as well as increase its value and energy efficiency, there’s no better method than having new mobile home siding installed. Plus, with new advances in siding technology, you now have more options than ever to give your home a beautiful new look. From metal and vinyl to cedar and more, the possibilities are wide open. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many benefits you can look forward to:

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Want to save money on your heating and air conditioning bills? Updating your old siding is a great way. Different materials have different insulating qualities, but you’ll want to work with a company that understands how to account for the proper weight that the new siding ads. If your mobile home is permanently installed (most are), you may want to consider having additional blocking added to the foundation if you choose cement siding, wood or brick. These are the most energy-efficient choices as well as ensuring that your home looks great from any angle!

Additional Padding and Noise Protection

The right mobile home siding can also help provide a barrier between you and the noise. The right siding can also help prevent the build-up of mold, mildew and bacteria. Ensure that you’re working with a mobile home siding installation company in Sacramento that knows how to work with the right type of siding to maximize ventilation while keeping energy efficiency a priority.

Having your mobile home siding replaced is also a great opportunity to install a vapor barrier as well as backer board and insulation. Siding isn’t completely weatherproof, so having a second barrier in place to keep out water and moisture (as well as keep mold and mildew at bay). Not only will this help lower your energy bills, but will also ensure that your mobile home is overall healthier and stronger.

Which Type of Mobile Home Siding is Right for You?

There are many popular and colorful options for mobile home siding. Let’s take a look at some of the most common choices that we can install for you:

Vinyl Siding for Mobile Homes

Installed on around a third of new homes, vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices of mobile home siding available. It has unsurpassed longevity, Oftentimes, to save money, mobile homes are outfitted with recycled vinyl siding. While this may seem like a smart, eco-conscious move on the surface, this type of siding is often very thin and warps and fades easily, needing to be replaced quickly.

Mobile Home Vinyl Siding Installation Tips

If you’re looking at having vinyl siding installed, choose virgin (non-recycled) vinyl siding which is thicker and lasts longer. In addition, it’s very resistant to scratches, dents and fading and is practically impervious to insects like termites and carpenter bees as well as fungus and mildew buildup. With proper care, vinyl siding can last for up to 20 years or longer. In addition, even in the windy Sacramento area, you’ll be glad to know that vinyl siding can stand up to winds of up to 110 miles per hour!

However, there are some downsides to vinyl. In high heat temperatures it can distort and warp. Depending on what exterior covering you have, vinyl siding may be the only thing standing between you and the interior of your mobile home. If you’re worried about vinyl siding having that “vinyl siding look”, you’ll be glad to know that technology has evolved and vinyl siding can now look like all kinds of surfaces, including clapboard, shake, board and batten, and even logs.

Mobile Home Cedar Siding Installation

Timeless and cozy, cedar is a popular choice for mobile homes and its stunning warmth truly stands out and adds curb appeal. Available in a variety of shapes, it naturally keeps insects away and is highly resistant to moisture. Vapor barriers are necessary for cedar siding and it’s an excellent choice for energy efficiency.

Mobile Home Cedar Siding Installation Tips

The type of installation you’ll need for cedar siding will depend on how it’s cut. Everyday nails and screws also can’t be used because of rust. Like wood siding, cedar will need to be protected regularly with an oil-based water sealant. However, many people believe that although there’s more maintenance and a higher cost, the end result is worth it for the beauty and warmth it exudes!

Faux Stone Siding for Mobile Homes

Also known as stone veneer or architectural stone, this type of siding gives your mobile home the look of stone but without the high cost. Although not as energy-efficient as actual stone, it’s still a very popular choice and comes with a long warranty -- around 25 years in most cases. Depending on the brand you choose, it can also help resist bug infestations, fire and water. Like vinyl, manufactured stone siding comes in a wide range of colors and styles.

If you’d like to learn more about these or other types of mobile home siding installation in Sacramento, we at GVD Renovations would love to help! We’re ready to answer all of your questions as well as give you a free estimate on having your mobile home siding replaced. Contact us today to learn more!

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GVD Renovations removed our wood siding and replaced it with fiber cement siding. Their professionalism, attention to detail and overall quality cannot be matched. The quote was detailed and fair, the work was done as agreed and to our satisfaction. Everyone was a delight to work with, from the original estimate, the communication with the project manager, scheduling, quality of work and final clean-up - they were more than professional. We recommend them without hesitation and will use them again if needed for other home improvement projects.

Jennifer B.

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GVD Renovations installed James Hardie siding on our large addition. Vlad was very professional, thorough and trustworthy throughout the whole process. We were torn between using fiber cement and vinyl siding on our house. After discussing various options and installation procedures, we ended up choosing Hardie siding. The entire work, and the house turned out beautiful! The workmanship was above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this company!

Susana H.

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