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Need Elk Grove, CA General Contractors? GVD Renovations Can Help

Elk Grove General Contractors

Siding Contractor Elk Grove, CA

We offer beautiful residential Elk Grove, CA home siding installation and replacement services at a highly affordable price.

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Elk Grove General Contractors

Bathroom Remodeling Elk Grove, CA

Let the GVD experts work for you creating a new bathroom that perfectly encapsulates your style, your creativity and your needs.

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Elk Grove General Contractors

Replacement Windows Elk Grove, CA

Increase the beauty and value of your Elk Grove home with our replacement windows! Huge Selection Available! Choose GVD Renovations' Elk Grove window contractors for professional window installation & replacement services.

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Choose Us For Your Elk Grove, CA General Contractor Jobs

Home remodeling starts with the spark of an idea. Bringing that idea to life is the responsibility of your general contractor, who will use their knowledge and experience to develop your inspiration and turn it into a reality.

At GVD Renovations, we provide everything you need to remodel your home at an affordable price, including Elk Grove general contractor services. What is the role of a contractor?

  • The contractor oversees the entire remodeling project from start to finish
  • Your contractor keep the project moving forward by facilitating day-to-day tasks
  • The contractor ensures all permits are obtained and inspections are handled
  • Your Elk Grove general contractor will hire professionals to work on electrical, carpentry, etc...
  • The contractor will be on-site regularly to ensure work is getting done on time
  • Your contractor is the conduit between your ideas and the people that make them a reality

As a Elk Grove General Contractor, We Make it Easy for You to Get the Job Done

Like any other professional, a Elk Grove general contractor needs the right tools to get their job done in an efficient and timely manner. At GVD Renovations, we supply all of the necessary ingredients for the successful remodeling of your home so that your contractor never has to worry about the quality or timeliness of your remodeling features.

We make it possible for your general contractor to plan and complete everything from a siding replacement, bathroom or kitchen remodel to an entire home remodel, from design throughout construction. Your contractor understands that every piece goes into creating a complete whole, and our stunning line of products makes it possible for every remodeling nuance to be considered.

Some of the Elk Grove General Contracting services we offer include:

Siding Elk Grove

Siding is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it give your home a great deal of curb appeal, but it also provides protection against the harsh elements.

As professionals in siding replacement, we at GVD Renovations are committed to your complete satisfaction every step of the way. We can clearly and accurately assess the condition of your current siding, as well as provide you with a wide range of siding samples while helping you decide between the many different types that we have to offer.

As you can see, you have a wide variety of options available for siding on your home in Elk Grove. If you're not sure which one to choose, ask the experts! That's what we're here for. We can help you decide on the right type of siding for your needs and budget. You can feel confident that no matter what siding you decide on, it will be installed completely and professionally, providing your home with both beauty and protection.

Don't be surprised if your friends, family and neighbors ask about your new siding! With decades of combined experience installing all types of siding in Elk Grove, GVD Renovations has the skills and knowledge to make sure your siding exceeds your expectations!

Windows - When selecting windows, your contractor will need to assess factors that include energy efficiency, style, and functionality.

Flooring - Nothing brings a room together like the choice of flooring. From hardwoods to laminates, there are advantages to every style of flooring and your contractor will help guide you through the selection process.

Patio Covers


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When you drive up to a home and it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, your eye has a tendency to look away to more attractive looking homes. There is no reason why your home should not be one of the most appealing homes in your neighborhood. Sometimes a simple change of a door can change the whole image of your home. Siding, countertops, windows, doors, pavers or maybe the addition of a porch can give your home a new lease on life. Contact GVD Renovations today and work with our professional contractor's to see what options await you to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to call us today for your free in-home estimate!

About Elk Grove

Elk Grove, California is a family oriented community that offers its residents a superior quality of life and there is an entrepreneurial spirit and there is opportunity around every corner. The community can provide everything from ranch estates to starter homes and offers a youthful and safe environment where families can put down their roots. The population of Elk Grove of over 150,000 people is diverse in income levels, age, and ethnicity. There are about 40,000 households in Elk Grove that have a median annual income of over $82,000.

The location of Elk Grove offers provides easy access to two ports, railroad lines, the Sacramento International Airport, and two major freeways. The community of Elk Grove is known for first class parks, a historical district, many different outstanding restaurants, and an award winning school district. There is a prosperous business community in Elk Grove that provides a diversity of promising careers, services, and stores.

In the 21st century, Elk Grove was the first community to incorporate in California. The community has brought forth a newfound independence and a new local government. The year 200 brought the incorporation of Elk Grove as a city and since them the community blossomed with new amenities including a first class public transportation system, an animal care service unit, a locally controlled Police department, employment opportunities, residents, and businesses.

Elk Grove is a community that only gets better with age that has large dreams and small town roots. In 1850, Elk Grove was founded as a stage coach stop. Being only 15 miles south of the historic Sutterís Fort in Sacramento, it played a role in the early gold rush days and became a center and a crossroads for local commerce.

In 1850, a man named James Hall, who was the founder of Elk Grove, constructed the Elk Grove House. The Elk Grove house was constructed on the historic Monterey Trail, and supposedly was to be one of the finest stage stops between Stockton and Sacramento. Until the house was demolished for a Highway 99 expansion project it remained standing for 107 years. In 2002, the Elk Grove House was rebuilt and is currently located in Elk Grove Heritage Park. Elk Grove has always celebrated its rich history although the community has grown rapidly during the past ten years. In 2005, the Elk Grove Historic was comprised of 48 structures of historic significance and the revitalization of Old Town Elk Grove was completed.

Up until the 1980ís, Elk Grove remained independent of the growth in Sacramento even though the community is located in close proximity to Sacramento. During the early 1980ís, new communities began sprouting up in Elk Grove and communities began expanding towards Elk Grove, as Sacramento grew. The year 2000 brought the incorporation of Elk Grove as city in the County of Sacramento. In 2004 and 2005, Elk grove was named as one of the fastest growing communities in California, while it was once only considered to be a sleepy little community that was located on the fringe of Sacramento. In 2007, the approximate population of Elk Grove was 136,318 people.

These days, the Elk grove School District is the largest school district in Northern California and the fifth largest school district in all of California. The school district will serve over 61,000 students for the 2007/2008 school year. The Unified School District of Elk Grove has been praised for providing a reduction in the size of the classes in grades kindergarten through the sixth grade and has also been recognized as being a top performing school district in California.

Elk Grove is divided into three zip code areas. The original area of 95624 is located east of Highway 99. Beginning during the early 1990ís, the community of Elk Grove had begun to expand into the west side of Highway 99, into what is currently known as the 95758 zip code area or Laguna. This region was previously farmland and is currently made up of many different residential communities, such as Laguna West and several commercial developments and major retail stores such as Home Depot, Old Navy, Borders, Target, and many others as well as many different movie theaters and restaurants. The community of Elk Grove then approved the zip code area of 95757 or the South Laguna area during the early 2000's. This region is between Interstate 5 and Highway 99 although it is south of Elk Grove Boulevard and includes the new Elk Grove Promenade Mall and the Elk Grove Auto Mall.

The community of Elk Grove is a flourishing city that provides a very high quality of life for its residents. It is an excellent community to raise a family, live, work, and play. Although it remembers its past, Elk Grove is looking ahead to a bright future with hope and a considerable amount of optimism.

James Hardie