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Replacement Windows in Rocklin

Increase the beauty and value of your Rocklin home with our replacement windows! Huge Selection Available! Choose GVD Renovations' Rocklin window contractors for professional window installation & replacement services.

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Rocklin Window Installers

Best Rocklin Replacement Windows Contractor

Homeowners in Rocklin often recognize the need for replacement windows well before they get around to replacing them. This is because most people are concerned about the cost of new windows, or they fail to realize how much money is leaking out of their home on a daily basis.

If you have old windows with poor seals, then replacing them will actually save you money. Sadly, many people don't even realize that their windows leak, but a simple inspection can ascertain whether replacement windows are right for you.

At GVD Renovations, our window installers offer full-service replacement window service - from initial inspection to product selection and installation. If you're ready to start saving money, give our window contractors a call today and find replacement windows that fit your needs, and your budget.

Rocklin Window Installation Company

Our window installation process begins with a consultation with one of our experts, who will assess your home's specific needs and provide recommendations on the best type of windows for your situation. We will then work with you to select the style, material, and features that meet your preferences and budget. Once you have made your selection, our team will handle the entire installation process from start to finish, ensuring that your new windows are installed correctly and on time.

Top Home Window Brands Offered by GVD Renovations

Anlin Windows in Rocklin

Anlin Windows is a California-based window company that specializes in energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows. Anlin windows are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to match any home's aesthetic. GVD Renovations is an Anlin Windows Authorized Dealer.

Rocklin Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows is a Minnesota-based company that offers a wide range of window styles, including wood, fiberglass, and aluminum-clad windows. Marvin windows are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

Andersen Windows in Rocklin

Andersen Windows is a well-known window company that has been in business for over 100 years. Andersen offers a variety of window styles, including vinyl, wood, and composite windows. Their windows are energy-efficient and are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Milgard Windows in Rocklin, CA

Milgard Windows is a California-based company that offers a wide range of window styles, including vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows. Milgard windows are known for their durability and energy efficiency, making them a popular choice among homeowners looking for high-quality windows.

Rocklin Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows is a Texas-based window company that specializes in vinyl replacement windows. Simonton windows are designed to be energy-efficient and durable, making them a popular choice among homeowners looking to improve their home's energy efficiency.

Top Rated Replacement Windows Installers in Rocklin

Because we offer a full line of products, you can also consider the overall design and aesthetic quality of the windows we install in your home. Our quality window products include:

Replacement Windows Contractor in Rocklin

  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows

If you have questions about what windows are right for you, give us a call and a sales manager will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.

Cost to Install New Windows in Rocklin

The cost to install new home windows can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the type of windows you choose, the size of your home, and the complexity of the installation process.

On average, homeowners in Rocklin can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 per window for installation costs alone. This means that the total cost to install new windows in a standard-sized home can range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. However, it's important to note that these figures are just estimates and your actual costs may vary based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Factors that can impact the cost of window installation include the type of window you choose, the size of your home, the number of windows you need, and any additional features or upgrades you choose. For example, custom-made windows or high-end materials can significantly increase the cost of installation, while basic vinyl or fiberglass windows may be more affordable.

It's also important to consider the long-term benefits of installing new windows, such as increased energy efficiency and improved curb appeal. While the initial cost of installation may seem high, the potential savings on energy bills and the added value to your home can make it a worthwhile investment.

Retrofit vs New Construction Windows in Rocklin

When it comes to replacing windows in your home in Rocklin, there are two primary options: retrofit or new construction windows. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.

Retrofit windows, also known as replacement windows, are designed to fit into your existing window frames without the need for major modifications to your home's structure. This makes them a popular choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their windows without undergoing a full-scale renovation. Retrofit windows are typically less expensive than new construction windows and can be installed more quickly, making them a good option for those on a tight budget or timeline.

New construction windows, on the other hand, are designed for use in new homes or major renovation projects where the existing window frames are being removed. They require more extensive installation work and may involve changes to the exterior siding or trim of your home. However, new construction windows offer greater flexibility in terms of design and can be customized to fit your specific preferences and needs.

In terms of energy efficiency, both retrofit and new construction windows can offer significant improvements over older, outdated windows. However, new construction windows may provide slightly better performance due to the ability to install them with proper insulation and flashing.

Ultimately, the choice between retrofit and new construction windows will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Retrofit windows are a good option for those looking for a quick and affordable upgrade, while new construction windows may be better suited for those undergoing a major renovation or building a new home.

Best Rocklin Replacement Windows Company

At GVD Renovations, we don't just sell replacement windows, we offer complete installation as a local contractor. This means you can order your windows from the comfort of your own living room, and arrange a date and time for window installation that works best with your busy schedule.

Our contractors will even haul away, and dispose of, your old windows, making the whole process effortless and hassle-free. Your new windows will withstand the pitfalls of your existing windows, eliminating your stress and worry while significantly lowering your power and home heating costs.

Additionally, new windows will increase the overall value of your home, and you never have to be concerned whether they will warp or rot over time.

Whether you are performing a historic remodeling of your home, or simply seeking to cut your energy costs and eliminate unwanted drafts, GVD Renovations has replacement windows that will conform to the parameters of your budget.

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When you drive up to a home and it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, your eye has a tendency to look away to more attractive looking homes. There is no reason why your home should not be one of the most appealing homes in your neighborhood. Sometimes a simple change of a door can change the whole image of your home. Siding, countertops, windows, doors, pavers or maybe the addition of a porch can give your home a new lease on life. Contact GVD Renovations today and work with our professional contractor's to see what options await you to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to call us today for your free in-home estimate!

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About Rocklin

The early minors traveled through the Rocklin area on their way gold mines that were located east of Sacramento. In this region the valleys were formed by the hills that were covered with grass. There were many Native Indians that lived in the region hunted small game for food and used the plants, berries, pine nuts, and acorns for food, that are native to the region.

Men started looking for business ventures after the gold rush that lasted from 1849 through 1850 had slowed. A man named Hathaway elected to start a quarry since blocks of granite were required for the upcoming construction of State Capital Building in California, once he saw the above ground boulders in the Rocklin region from 1860 through 1861. This early day quarry provided some of the first granite for a portion of the base course of the State Capital Building in California.

The first loads of granite were hauled down the road past what is currently known as the city ball Park crossing at Antelope Creek and continued to what is currently known as the community of Roseville by oxen drawn wagons. A new road was constructed to the current Ruhkala Road and continued to Secret Ravine Creek to the current China Gardens because the old road became impassable whenever the weather was wet. Where the Roseville Reservoir is currently, another road was constructed through the lava rock to the top of the hill. In some places the road followed the lava cap toward Sacramento and remained east of the Roseville region, is still visible.

In 1855, quarrying of granite was accomplished for Fort Mason in San Francisco. A newspaper article contained the information about the old fort. Originally between 1860 and 1862, there was some consideration about located the Folsom prison in the Rocklin region. However, it was expected that the Central Pacific Railroad was arriving in the region it was construct the prison in Folsom.

The original name of Rocklin is believed to be a corruption of Rock Land, as the result of the numerous rock outcroppings in the region. Although there werenít many Finnish people in the region until the 1870ís it is also believed that these Finnish people changed the name to Rocklin.

Many people of Irish descent who worked in the quarries or the railroad were some of the early settlers. During the 1870ís, Chinese people also made their way to the region. Also during the 1870ís numerous Finnish people began arriving in region, which continued for 20years. During the early 1900ís, the Spanish people arrived in Rocklin. Also in the early 1900ís the Japanese people arrived in the region and during this same time period, more than 50% of the population were people of Finnish descent.

In 1864, the Central Pacific Railroad came to Rocklin and was extended onto Newcastle that same year. The first pieces of granite that were to be used in the building of the tunnels and the roadbeds were placed on freight cars in Rocklin as they proceeded towards Newcastle.

Nobody has ever bored through the thickness of the granite that exists in and around Rocklin, on which the community is built. The granite in this region will take a high polish, is even textured, is available in large blocks, and is used extensively for memorial and construction work. There have been 62 separate quarry operations in the in the Rocklin area, the majority of which can still be seen. A man by the name of John Taylor started a quarry after the Hathaway was in operation in 1867. This quarry has gone through the names of the Mantyla Pernu Company and the California Granite Company, and is now the company operated by the Ruhkala brothers, and called the Union Granite Company. There were about 30 quarries operation at the same time and in the early 1890ís, many of whom were cutting street curbing in favor of the larger communities.

Some of the buildings made from Rocklin Granite include the Monterey break water, the Rocklin Butcher Shop, the Rocklin City Hall, the Placer County Courthouse, Mare Island and Pearl Harbor Drydocks, the Solano County Courthouse, the Stockton Courthouse, the Oakland Auditorium, the County and City jails in Sacramento, City Hall, the US Mint in San Francisco, the Bank of Italy, which is currently known as the Bank of America, some years ago, in addition to many other buildings. Maintenance of the Sacramento River Levee has also required many thousands of tons of granite.

Although there were never any large gold strikes or gold deposits discovered in the Rocklin region, gold was really the incentive that brought people to and through the region. On Secret Ravine Creek, there was some gold mining done. On the Laird property there was another large gold dredge, in the back of the Lone Pine Ranch at the east end of Rocklin Road that the Hiashida Brothers currently own.

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