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Carmichael General Contractors

Bathroom Remodeling Carmichael, CA

Let the GVD experts work for you creating a new bathroom that perfectly encapsulates your style, your creativity and your needs.

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Carmichael General Contractors

Siding Contractor Carmichael, CA

We offer beautiful residential Carmichael, CA home siding installation and replacement services at a highly affordable price.

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Carmichael General Contractors

Replacement Windows Carmichael, CA

Increase the beauty and value of your Carmichael home with our replacement windows! Huge Selection Available! Choose GVD Renovations' Carmichael window contractors for professional window installation & replacement services.

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Home remodeling starts with the spark of an idea. Bringing that idea to life is the responsibility of your general contractor, who will use their knowledge and experience to develop your inspiration and turn it into a reality.

At GVD Renovations, we provide everything you need to remodel your home at an affordable price, including Carmichael general contractor services. What is the role of a contractor?

  • The contractor oversees the entire remodeling project from start to finish
  • Your contractor keep the project moving forward by facilitating day-to-day tasks
  • The contractor ensures all permits are obtained and inspections are handled
  • Your Carmichael general contractor will hire professionals to work on electrical, carpentry, etc...
  • The contractor will be on-site regularly to ensure work is getting done on time
  • Your contractor is the conduit between your ideas and the people that make them a reality

As a Carmichael General Contractor, We Make it Easy for You to Get the Job Done

Like any other professional, a Carmichael general contractor needs the right tools to get their job done in an efficient and timely manner. At GVD Renovations, we supply all of the necessary ingredients for the successful remodeling of your home so that your contractor never has to worry about the quality or timeliness of your remodeling features.

We make it possible for your general contractor to plan and complete everything from a siding replacement, bathroom or kitchen remodel to an entire home remodel, from design throughout construction. Your contractor understands that every piece goes into creating a complete whole, and our stunning line of products makes it possible for every remodeling nuance to be considered.

Some of the Carmichael General Contracting services we offer include:

Siding Carmichael

Siding is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it give your home a great deal of curb appeal, but it also provides protection against the harsh elements.

As professionals in siding replacement, we at GVD Renovations are committed to your complete satisfaction every step of the way. We can clearly and accurately assess the condition of your current siding, as well as provide you with a wide range of siding samples while helping you decide between the many different types that we have to offer.

As you can see, you have a wide variety of options available for siding on your home in Carmichael. If you're not sure which one to choose, ask the experts! That's what we're here for. We can help you decide on the right type of siding for your needs and budget. You can feel confident that no matter what siding you decide on, it will be installed completely and professionally, providing your home with both beauty and protection.

Don't be surprised if your friends, family and neighbors ask about your new siding! With decades of combined experience installing all types of siding in Carmichael, GVD Renovations has the skills and knowledge to make sure your siding exceeds your expectations!

Windows - When selecting windows, your contractor will need to assess factors that include energy efficiency, style, and functionality.

Flooring - Nothing brings a room together like the choice of flooring. From hardwoods to laminates, there are advantages to every style of flooring and your contractor will help guide you through the selection process.

Patio Covers


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When you drive up to a home and it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, your eye has a tendency to look away to more attractive looking homes. There is no reason why your home should not be one of the most appealing homes in your neighborhood. Sometimes a simple change of a door can change the whole image of your home. Siding, countertops, windows, doors, pavers or maybe the addition of a porch can give your home a new lease on life. Contact GVD Renovations today and work with our professional contractor's to see what options await you to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to call us today for your free in-home estimate!

About Carmichael

Carmichael, California is a rather affluent suburb in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area and located in Sacramento County. According to the 2010, census the population of Carmichael was 61,762 people.

During the early 1900ís an ad ran that offered lots for sale Carmichael, California. Ten acre tracts are for sale for $1,500 with 10% down and $10 a month at 6% interest.

The first developer and founder of the community was a man named Daniel Carmichael. The Folsom Telegraph newspaper ran a story in 1901 about a man named Dan Carmichael who bought 2,000 acres of lane that was comprised of hills, dales, and noble oaks. The 2,000 acre parcel of land was known as Carmichael Colony Number one that was once a parcel of the 1844 Mexican Land Grant of the 20,000 acre Rancho San Juan. The boundaries of colony were Fair Oaks Boulevard on the west, the Deterting Ranch, currently known as Ancil Hoffman Park, and The American River on the south, San Juan Avenue on the east, and Lincoln Avenue to the north.

Later Mr. Carmichael purchased another 1,000 acres of land that he named Carmichael Colony Number Two. The southernmost boundary of this parcel of land was Sutter Avenue and Arden Way on the north, Walnut Avenue on the west, and the first colony on the east. This new colony had been part of the 44,000 acre 1844 Mexican Land Grant made to Eliab Grimes for Del Paso Rancho. Two men named Ali Haggin and James Ben, and their associates bred and raised race horses on the land prior to Mr. Carmichael purchasing it. One of these racehorses was named Salvatore, which was a winner of the Kentucky Derby. This horse lived on a farm located where what is currently known as Del Dayo Estates is located.

Mr. Carmichael, who was from Atlanta, Georgia and was born in 1867, sold the two colonies that he laid out into 10 acre tracts for $1 500 each. Mr. Dan Carmichael organized the real estate company of Brand, Carmichael, and Curtis, after spending ten years working at different jobs such as bookkeeping and ranching. The real estate company was established in Sacramento in 1895 and was committed to the acquisition and development of the Sacramento Valley. In 1900, Mr. Carmichael bought out his partners and the real estate company came to be called the Carmichael Company. Through his real estate company, Mr. Carmichael also invested in some early oil wells in Kern County. This was known as the Sacramento Oil Company.

In 1855, Mr. Carmichael was elected as the treasurer for Sacramento. He was also elected treasurer for Sacramento County in 1903. Between 1917 and 1919, he served as the mayor of Sacramento. For 18 years Mr. Carmichael served as a director for the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. Between 1910 and 1913, he was the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

He had other civic memberships such as the Sutter Club, Elks Club, the Odd fellows, and the Masons. In 1910, the State Realty Federation of California elected him as their president.

The Maidu Indians were the first known settlers in the region. In the early 1800ís, white settlers arrived in the region and they were probably forced to leave the region.

Charles and Mary Deterding were the first new settlers in the community of Carmichael. They bought a 425 acre site next to the north bank of the American River in 1907. The Deterding Ranch is currently known as the Ancil Hoffman Park.

There were an estimated 300 families living in Carmichael by 1927. The population of the community was listed at 700 people by the 1930 census. According to the figures provided by the US Census Bureau, by 1940 the population had increased to almost 2,000 people lived in the region and by 1950, the population had again increased to 4,499 people.

There had been no central business district in Carmichael before 1940. Groceries and meat were supplied by the Red and White Store, located at the corner of Fair Oaks Boulevard and California and there was a service station at the triangle a Manzanita and Fair Oaks. On the southeastern corner of Palm Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard there was another grocery store known as Arrowhead, and a man named Dan Donovan operated a grocery store, restaurant, and bar at the corner of Garfield and Fair Oaks.

Businesses started sprouting up around Marconi Avenue and Palm Avenue as Carmichael grew. On the southwestern corner, a man named Bob Marchal built the Carmichael Shopping Center. The Rose Tree is the one business that still remains in Carmichael.

During the 1940ís, Mr. Marchal obtained a bank charter in Washington D. C. and the Suburban Bank opened. This was the first bank in Carmichael. During the 1950ís the Crocker Bank took over the service. In 1963, the Crestview Center was the first large shopping center in Carmichael.

These days, the population of Carmichael has increased to 72,000 people. The community is immersed in a still expanding unincorporated suburban region of some 550,000 people

James Hardie