Time to replace an old drafty window or two? It doesn't take long to realize a window is more than a square piece of glass.

If you've looked at so many windows, you’re counting panes of glass at night instead of sheep, help has arrived!

We’ve taken the work out of window shopping with our Milgard Windows review. We cover the company, its window styles, frame materials, and warranty.

Take a minute and learn more about what Milgard offers for your unique window needs.

Why Choose Milgard?

When you install new windows in your home, you want a product with a proven ability to get the job done. How does 50 years sound? Over 50 years is even better and that’s how many years Milgard has in the window and door industry.

They’re one of the most trusted names in window products across the U.S. They’re also the biggest manufacturer out here on the West Coast.

As far as quality goes, ask the people at Builder Magazine. They’ve singled out Milgard Windows as Best Quality Vinyl and Most Used Vinyl Window—not just once, but 6 times.

Another reason we love Milgard is the location of their manufacturing facilities. They have one in Sacramento—you can’t get much more local than that. 

This company stands behind its well-earned reputation, making them a top contender when our customers start window shopping.

Take a Look at Styles

Before we get into the different frame materials offered by Milgard, let's talk about styles. Most window replacement manufacturers offer basic window styles including:

  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Awning
  • Casement

Milgard also makes picture and specialty windows. Picture windows provide unobstructed views and the most natural light. Keep in mind they don’t open and close.

The specialty windows designed by Milgard are second to none and worth exploring, especially for rooms where you want to make a statement and enhance your design style. Specialty windows include:

  • Radius
  • Bay and Bow
  • Garden

Milgard makes specialty windows available for most of their product lines, and in a range of frame materials.

The World of Window Frame Materials

Beyond the style and beauty of the window, selecting the frame material is a critical part of window shopping. Milgard windows come in 4 frame materials. Since Milgard has a reputation for the best quality vinyl windows, we’ll start there.


These frames are popular and practical. Loved for their durability and low-maintenance features, vinyl windows are also energy efficient. Milgard’s innovation in vinyl window frames, which we’ll look at later, make their vinyl windows an ideal choice.


Another common frame material made even better with Milgard’s innovative twist. Fiberglass windows are durable and weather-resistant. Unlike some other frame materials, you can paint fiberglass frames.


If you’re more about the glass than the frame, aluminum is a great option. Both lightweight and strong, you can order aluminum window frames in a wide range of configurations. Milgard offers two finishes—baked-on and anodized—both result in long-lasting color.


Love the warmth of natural wood and don’t mind a little extra maintenance? Wood makes a stunning window frame. Milgard takes wood frames to the next level. They offer a series of innovative wood windows that combine wood and fiberglass

Next, we’ll take a quick dive into the various innovations offered by Milgard!

This Company Is all about Innovation

Each window product from the Milgard line uses innovative material formulas and manufacturing processes.


To make a more durable, heat-resistant window, Milgard developed a coating technology that preservers the window’s exterior finish. Their vinyl windows still look fantastic years after installation. Unlike most window companies, they also offer vinyl windows in a range of colors.


Using a process called pultrusion, Milgard windows resist rotting, swelling, and warping. They make an excellent window product for Sacramento’s damp winters and hot, dry summers.


While not ENERGY STAR® qualified like many of their other window products, Milgard designs their aluminum windows to reduce thermal transfer. They use an adonized finish on some aluminum products, which protects against corrosion.


One thing you don’t want in a wood window is water. Milgard uses an innovative advanced water management system to drain water away from the wood interior. They've also come up with a way to enjoy the beauty of wood from the inside, paired with the durability of fiberglass on the outside.

We’ve highlighted only a few innovations this company uses in its window products. Another key component of their window product is an assisted window lock.

Milgard Makes Smart Windows

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill windows. Milgard uses an innovative approach to window design incorporating state of the art technology, such as their SmartTouch® window lock.

The mechanism for each SmartTouch® is integrated with the window sash. A single touch opens or closes the window.

One glance tells you whether or not you’ve locked the window, making the SmartTouch part of your home security system.

About That Window Warranty

For as long as you own and live in your home, Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty. They’ll repair or replace defective materials or workmanship and include all parts and labor.

If you sell your home, they also extend the warranty to the new owner. The extension is good for 10 years from the date of the original window installation.

While the company doesn't make registering your warranty a requirement as some companies do, they encourage registration to make things easier for you if you should need to file a service request.

Did Our Milgard Windows Review Help You Choose?

When you’re ready for a new view of the world, make sure you look at all three aspects of window products. Pay attention to the window style, frame material, and product line.

Milgard offers 7 unique product lines including an aluminum series and a line of moving wall glass systems.

We hope our Milgard Windows review helps you narrow down your choices for replacement windows. Start here and request a free estimate!

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