Jeld Wen is a household name when it comes to top quality windows available in the market today. With over 50 years in the business, this trusted brand made its mark in the industry by offering a wide range of beautifully designed, energy-efficient, and durable windows that cater to every homeowner's unique needs and style preferences. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Jeld Wen windows, their key features, styles, material options, and energy efficiency.

Understanding the Jeld Wen Brand

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Since 1960, Jeld Wen has been offering consumers exceptional windows that serve not only as a barrier between the indoors and outdoors but also as significant elements in home design and energy consumption. Adhering to innovative design and top-notch craftsmanship, Jeld Wen windows enhance the visual appeal of homes while providing security and increasing energy efficiency.

Jeld Wen’s Mission and Core Values

Jeld Wen's primary mission is to create a variety of window options that meet the needs of diverse consumers. They are determined to make windows that are high in quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly. With a strong commitment to sustainability, they strive to reduce their carbon footprint by using recycled materials and promoting energy efficiency.

Jeld Wen Window Collections

Jeld Wen boasts exceptional window collections that can complement any home style. Here’s a look at the ranges:

  • Wood Windows: Known for their superior thermal performance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Vinyl Windows: Praised for their strength, energy efficiency, and versatility.

  • Aluminum Windows: Loved for their durability, affordability, and low-maintenance qualities.

  • Composite Windows: Acclaimed due to their hybrid design that combines the best features of wood and vinyl windows.

Key Features of Jeld Wen Windows

1. Variety of Styles and Designs

Jeld Wen offers a plethora of window styles to match different architectures, climates, and personal styles. Whether you want casement windows for unobstructed views or double-hung windows for a traditional touch, Jeld Wen has got you covered.

2. Premium Materials

Jeld Wen uses premium materials for long-lasting windows. Alumunium for strength, Vinyl for durability, wood for a classic look, and composite for the benefits of both wood and vinyl.

3. Energy Efficiency

Jeld Wen windows are designed to provide sufficient insulation inside your home, regulating energy use and reducing your heating and cooling costs. Many of their products meet or exceed Energy Star® guidelines.

Jeld Wen Windows and Sustainability

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In a move to show commitment to the environment, Jeld Wen windows are made with sustainability in mind. The company uses advanced technologies to ensure the maximum energy efficiency of their products. Plus, they also utilize recyclable materials, thus reducing waste and contributing to environmental conservation.

Energy Star Certified Windows

jeld wen windows

Most Jeld Wen windows are Energy Star certified, ensuring that they meet the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for energy efficiency. Not only do these windows save energy, but they also lower greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a healthier environment.

Jeld Wen windows excel in design, durability, and energy efficiency. They are beautifully crafted to appeal to any homeowner's style preferences, manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure longevity, and engineered towards sustainability for reduced energy costs and environmental impact. Investing in Jeld Wen windows means investing in a more comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jeld Wen Windows

What kind of materials are used in Jeld Wen Windows?

Jeld Wen windows are made from various materials suited to your unique needs. They offer vinyl windows, which are low-maintenance and stylish, and wood windows, which sport classic elegance and versatility. They also have aluminum windows, desired for their strength and simplicity, and cladded-wood windows, celebrated for their premium quality and performance.

What warranties does Jeld Wen offer on their windows?

Jeld Wen provides a limited warranty on their windows, which varies depending on the specific type and series of the window purchased. It's recommended to visit their official website or contact customer service directly for precise information regarding warranties on specific window products.

Where can I purchase Jeld Wen Windows?

You can purchase Jeld Wen windows from various approved dealers across the United States and online. You can use the dealer locator tool on their website to find the nearest authorized dealer in your area. Online, Jeld Wen windows are readily available through popular home improvement and construction retail websites.

How should I maintain my Jeld Wen Windows?

The appropriate maintenance for your Jeld Wen windows depends on the material of your windows. For instance, vinyl windows only need a light cleaning with mild soap and water, while wood windows may require a fresh coat of paint or stain every couple of years. You can find more detailed information on this in the company's care and maintenance manual online.

Are Jeld Wen Windows energy efficient?

Yes, many models of Jeld Wen windows are designed to be energy efficient. Many of their window models are Energy Star certified, thus helping to lower electricity bills and reduce the carbon footprint. You can look for the Energy Star label when selecting your windows.

How can Jeld Wen Windows boost the value of my home?

Investing in quality windows can significantly increase your home’s value because of enhanced aesthetics, improved energy efficiency, and reduced noise pollution. As a reputable brand, Jeld Wen windows also provide a sense of reliability and quality to potential homebuyers.

Are Jeld Wen Windows customizable?

Yes, Jeld Wen offers a range of customization options for their windows, including different sizes, shapes, frame materials, glass types, colors, and finishes. They can help you design windows that perfectly fit your space and match your personal style.

Can Jeld Wen Windows help with soundproofing?

Yes, Jeld Wen offers Windows with various types of glass, some specifically designed to help reduce sound transmission, providing a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment. If soundproofing is a concern, be sure to ask for these options when selecting your windows.

Who installs Jeld Wen Windows?

Jeld Wen Windows can be installed by any professional window installer. However, Jeld Wen recommends using an installer who is familiar with their products for the best results. You can often find recommended installers at the dealer where you purchase your windows.

Do Jeld Wen Windows come in standard sizes?

While Jeld Wen does offer windows in a variety of standard sizes, they also provide the option to order custom sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your specific needs. It’s best to consult with a dealer or contractor to make the correct measurements for your window replacements or installations.

Pros of Jeld Wen Windows

Variety of Styles and Sizes

Jeld Wen Windows offer an impressive selection in terms of style, color, and size. You can find windows that fit perfectly into any architectural design, whether it's a modern, contemporary house or a classical, antique-looking villa. The company caters to a wide array of customer requirements.

  • Double-hung windows
  • Awning windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Garden windows

Durable Materials

The Jeld Wen Windows are known for their robust and long-lasting materials. This ensures the durability of the windows, saving customers from frequent replacements or repairs.

  • Wood windows: Made from AuraLast Wood, they resist rot, water saturation, and termites.
  • Vinyl windows: These are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and available in a wide range of styles.
  • Aluminum windows: They are light, strong, and resistant to corrosion. Ideal for commercial projects.
  • Clad-wood windows: They combine the beauty of wood and the resilience of metal cladding an excellent choice for those wanting durability and aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency

Jeld Wen Windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They come with features such as Low-E glass and insulated frames, contributing to reducing energy bills by keeping homes insulated against extremes of heat and cold.

Good Warranty Coverage

Another significant advantage of Jeld Wen Windows is that they come with a strong warranty policy, offering coverage for several years. However, the length and coverage of the warranty may vary depending on the type of window purchased.

Cons of Jeld Wen Windows


One drawback of Jeld Wen Windows can be their price. Many customers believe that these windows are quite expensive, especially compared to some other options available in the market.

Reliability Concerns

While Jeld Wen uses quality materials in their windows, there have been some concerns expressed by customers regarding the longevity of certain window series. Some customers have reported problems with seal failures or hardware malfunctions over time.

Limited Presence

Despite being a known brand, Jeld Wen doesn't have as extensive a distribution network as some of their competitors. This may make it more challenging to find Jeld Wen Windows in certain regions.

Installation Challenges

Some customers have mentioned that they've found Jeld Wen Windows tricky to install. While professional installation is recommended, for those who prefer to do it themselves, they may face some difficulties without a thorough understanding of the process.

Customer Service

Another common complaint among customers is the quality of Jeld Wen's customer service. Some customers have reported delays in receiving customer support or have been dissatisfied with how their warranty claims were handled.


Discovering Jeld Wen Windows has been an enlightening journey. They offer durability, style, and efficiency, leading the way in terms of window solutions. The range of designs and materials makes them an ideal choice for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces.

Another aspect that sets Jeld Wen Windows apart is their commitment to sustainability. They pride themselves in striking the perfect balance between top-tier quality and eco-friendliness. Their Windows make your spaces weatherproof, quiet, and classy while reducing your carbon footprint.

Lastly, the customer service experience at Jeld Wen Windows is exemplary. They are genuinely keen to ensure that their customers get the best value for their money. Whether it’s installation, maintenance, or after-sales support, their customer-centric ethos stands above the rest.

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