Every homeowner wishes to give a new stunning look to their house. Installing a super-quality window can help them to achieve their goals. But with a lot of brands on the market, it has become difficult to find the perfect replacement windows to satisfy your home's curb appeal. Simonton Windows is a popular brand that provides a variety of excellent windows and doors.

Many people love installing Simonton windows and doors because of their excellent performance. If you're looking for an honest and unbiased review of Simonton windows to know if it is worth your money, this blog post is exclusively for you. In this article, we will provide you with unbiased Simonton windows reviews. Our honest review will cover the different types of Simonton windows, their pricing, pros, and cons. 

Continue reading to reveal every nook and cranny of the Simonton windows. 

Simonton Windows Reviews 

Most homeowners who have installed Simonton windows said that the windows have excellent quality and warrant options for several situations. Simonton windows are one of the most popular and finest quality vinyl windows that can last longer. These windows can lend to numerous standard situations due to their functionality and reliable performance. 

Although you can find many brands that manufacture super-quality windows and doors, they are very expensive. Simonton windows come in a wallet-friendly manner to fulfill the needs of every homeowner. Based on the customers' Simonton windows reviews, we found no common complaints about the brand and its products.

The homeowners who have installed the Simonton windows reported no particular reason to say no to Simonton windows. However, you can face some personal issues during and after the installation of Simonton windows. 

Types of Simonton Windows 

Simonton windows come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs to fulfill the interest of every homeowner. Our Simonton windows reviews will briefly explain each type of Simonton window so you can find the perfect match for your house.


Casement windows are crank-operated windows with a side hinge. They are usually great for higher areas of your house that can provide significant airflow. 


Double-hung Simonton windows come with bottom and top sashes to provide excellent ventilation.


Awnings are also crank-operated windows with a top and open outward hinge. 


Bow windows come with rounded shapes that may have three to five window sections.


Bay windows can create a 3D shape allowing for an inside seat and ledge. 


The Picture windows do not have grid lines that help you to get clear and obstacle-free views of the outdoor. 


Garden windows come in the shape of a little box. You can place plants and flowers on the exterior edges of the Garden windows. 


Geometric windows have stunning styles such as triangle, half-moon, and octagon that can give an amazing architectural look to your house. 

Simonton Windows Materials

The finest quality materials of the Simonton windows help them to excel from the other brands. Simonton uses the following materials to manufacture its products.


Vinyl is an excellent material that can resist severe weather conditions. Simonton windows are made from the highest quality vinyl material, which makes them more durable. 

Low-E Glass

Simonton uses Low-E Glass material to make their products UV (Ultraviolet) resistant. The Low-E Glass material prevents the windows from fading out and regulates the temperature during summer and winter days. 

Simonton Windows Series 

Apart from providing an exclusive array of styles and designs, Simonton offers an amazing series of Simonton windows. The series includes;

  • Reflections, Impressions, and Assure Series
  • Prism Series
  • Verona and Madeira Series
  • Stormbreaker Plus Series 
  • Pro finish Brickmould 600 Series 

Pricing of Simonton Windows 

The pricing of Simonton windows is difficult to pin down as it can vary based on your chosen style and design. The prices of the Simonton windows depend upon your;

  • Geographic area
  • Window size
  • Number of panes
  • Insulating options
  • Fibreglass frames
  • Hardware
  • Exterior colors 
  • The collection of Simonton windows available in your area

Pros of Simonton Windows 

Understanding the pros and cons of Simonton windows is crucial before installing them at your house. Here are several reasons that help you to understand why most homeowners prefer Simonton windows.

Exclusive Warranties 

The Simonton windows come with a limited standard lifetime warranty that allows you to replace the products if they have any material or manufacturing defects. It is worth mentioning that you will benefit from this lifetime warranty if you've installed Simonton windows on the higher levels. 

Low Maintenance 

Unlike other windows, the vinyl Simonton windows require very maintenance because the vinyl material is highly resistant to dirt, pollution, and salt spray. 

Certification from Energy Star

Simonton windows are certified by Energy Star, a governmental organization that rates household materials according to their quality and energy efficiency. The certification from Energy Star proves that Simonton windows can lower your utility bills by regulating the temperature on hot summer and cold winter days. 

Use of Low-E Glass

Simonton also offers customers to select the Low-E Glass frames for their Simonton windows. The Low-E Glass frames use spacer systems to prevent the windows from fading due to harmful ultraviolet radiation. 

Experienced Manufacturers 

Simonton windows have been in the market for years. The long history of Simonton windows leaves their customers satisfied. 

Cons of Simonton Windows 

Simonton windows may have certain drawbacks that you must consider before taking the final decision. 

Customer Service

Limited Warranty 

Although Simonton Windows offer a standard lifetime warranty, it has certain limitations. If you have installed the Simonton windows higher than the third story, you will not benefit from the warranty options. 

Final Verdict 

Simonton Windows offers the highest quality products that suit everyone's budget and needs. Although Simonton Windows might not be the most luxurious and expensive windows on the market, Simonton maintains a consistent quality to fulfill the customers' needs. 

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