As modern homeowners search for sustainable, practical and cost-effective solutions for their homes, fibrex windows have been gaining popularity due to their unique benefits. Derived from a blend of wood fibre and thermoplastic polymer, fibrex material can truly revolutionize your living space. This article aims to delve deep into the world of fibrex windows, understanding their making, advantages and why they could be a remarkable investment for your home.

Fibrex Windows: What are they?

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Fibrex windows are an exceptional product of the Anderson Corporation, a renowned brand in the window and door industry. In the quest to create a window frame material that combined the strength and warmth of wood with the low-maintenance aspect of vinyl, Anderson developed Fibrex – a composite material that’s twice as strong as vinyl yet retains the traditional charm of wooden windows. Fibrex is unique in its manufacturing process, made up of 40% reclaimed wood fibre and 60% thermoplastic polymer, thus providing an eco-friendly solution for the modern homeowner.

The Manufacturing Process of Fibrex Windows

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Understanding the manufacturing process of these unique windows can provide an insight into their unmatched durability and strength. • Anderson Corporation takes reclaimed wood fibres and thermoplastic polymer and blends them together.

• The wood fibres are reclaimed from Anderson Corporation's own wood window manufacturing facilities, making the process highly eco-friendly.

• The blend is then extruded into a thick and solid material that's immovable and insusceptible to changes in temperature and weather conditions.

• The resulting fibrex material is then used to make durable, robust window frames.

The Remarkable Features of Fibrex Windows

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Exceptional Durability and Strength

The undisputed strength of fibrex windows is a result of the solid making of the material. The combination of wood and thermoplastic polymer ensures the windows maintain their rigidity and stability in all climates, resisting decay, fungal growth and rot - issues that often haunt wooden window frames.

Energy Efficiency

Fibrex windows help you maintain the internal temperature of your house, acting as a barrier between your living space and the external climate changes. This thermal insulation can contribute to saving on energy costs, creating an energy-efficient home environment.


Unlike traditional wooden windows, fibrex windows require minimal maintenance. They never need painting and won't warp, crack or rot. The added durability means fibrex windows can look pristine for years with just a simple clean.

Why Choose Fibrex Windows for Your Home?

Fibrex windows are not merely a home upgrade; they're an investment. Their unique ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, coupled with exceptional energy efficiency and low-maintenance, makes them a formidable choice for homeowners seeking value, aesthetics and practicality. Moreover, their manufacturing process, which makes use of reclaimed wood fibres, positions them as an eco-friendly window solution, providing homeowners with a sustainable choice that marries function with environmental consciousness.

Transform Your Home with Fibrex Windows

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If you are planning to renovate your home or build a new one, consider investing in fibrex windows. Their exceptional durability, unmatched energy efficiency, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly aspects make them an excellent choice for modern homes. Equipped with this detailed insight, you can now make informed decisions when choosing the best window solutions for your needs. Remember, a fibrex window is more than just a window; it's a durable, cost-effective, and green alternative that ensures value for your money and a comfortable home environment all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fibrex Windows

How are Fibrex windows created?

Fibrex material, used to create Fibrex windows, is made from a composite of wood and thermoplastic polymer. The wood materials are reclaimed from Andersen Corporation's wood window manufacturing facilities, helping reduce waste. This composite material is then created to make window frames and sashes, forming the whole Fibrex window.

Are Fibrex windows energy efficient?

Yes, Fibrex windows offer excellent energy efficiency. The Fibrex material insulates nearly 700 times better than aluminum. Furthermore, most Fibrex windows are fitted with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, which is up to 56% more energy efficient in summers and 47% more energy efficient in winters compared to ordinary dual pane glass. These properties can lead to significant savings on energy bills.

What makes Fibrex windows different from vinyl windows?

Fibrex windows boast several advantages over vinyl windows. Unlike vinyl windows, Fibrex material allows for narrower frames, giving you a larger glass area and a better view. Additionally, Fibrex windows do not warp, crack, pit, corrode, or rot like some other window materials, including vinyl.

Do Fibrex windows require a lot of maintenance?

One of the main advantages of Fibrex windows is their low maintenance requirements. They do not require regular repainting or refinishing. Fibrex material maintains its stability and rigidity in all climates, keeping your windows looking gorgeous for years with minimal maintenance.

What kind of warranty comes with a Fibrex window?

Fibrex windows come with a robust warranty from the manufacturer, Andersen Corporation. The warranty is usually divided into two parts: a 20-year limited warranty for glass and a 10-year limited warranty for other non-glass components of the window. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

Can Fibrex windows be recycled?

Yes, at the end of their useful life, Fibrex windows can be ground up and reused in new Fibrex material, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. Furthermore, the production process of Fibrex material itself utilizes reclaimed wood, providing a good use for wood that would otherwise be wasted.

Are Fibrex windows resistant to weather?

Fibrex windows resist decay and fungal growth extremely well. They are impervious to water, resistant to heat and cold, and are unaffected by UV rays. The combination of these properties allows Fibrex windows to maintain their appearance and performance in any weather condition.

What color options are available for Fibrex windows?

There are a variety of color options available for Fibrex windows. Andersen offers multiple dark exterior colors that are not commonly found with most other window materials. The Fibrex material's color is blended during the manufacturing process, which means it doesn't need to be painted and it won't peel or flake.

Can Fibrex windows withstand high wind loads?

Yes, Fibrex windows are proven to withstand even extreme wind speeds. The material's strength gives the window frames and sashes the ability to endure strong winds without warping or breaking, making them a great choice in areas experiencing high winds or storms.

Do Fibrex windows offer good sound insulation?

Fibrex windows, with their excellent insulating properties, are good at reducing the level of noise coming into your home from outside. This can make your home a more tranquil and enjoyable living environment, especially if you live in a busy, noisy area.

Pros of Fibrex Windows


  • The manufacturing process for Fibrex windows blends 40% reclaimed wood fiber with 60% thermoplastic polymer. This results in a material that is twice as strong as vinyl. This strength means Fibrex windows resist common issues like warping, rotting, and expanding.

  • Fibrex windows are also designed to resist fading from prolonged exposure to the sun, meaning that they maintain their color and appearance over a longer period compared to some other types of windows.


  • Unlike wood windows, Fibrex windows require virtually no maintenance. There is no need to paint, scrape or stain them.

  • The composite material of Fibrex windows does not flake or peel off like in some traditional window options.

Energy Efficiency

  • Fibrex windows offer significant energy efficiency. Due to their insulative properties, Fibrex windows help in maintaining indoor temperature effectively.

  • In addition to the insulative composite material, many Fibrex winow options come with double-pane or triple-pane glass that further boosts the windows' energy efficiency.

Environmental Considerations

  • The use of reclaimed wood fiber in the production of Fibrex windows makes them a more sustainable option than other windows made entirely from new materials.

  • The production process of Fibrex windows minimizes waste as unused Fibrex material can be reused in the manufacturing process. This results in less waste than traditional windows manufacturing processes.

Cons of Fibrex Windows


  • One of the first disadvantages of Fibrex windows is their cost. They tend to be more expensive than their vinyl and aluminum counterparts. This can make them less appealing to budget-conscious consumers.


  • The production of Fibrex windows is patented by Andersen Windows. Therefore, it limits the consumer's ability to shop around with different manufacturers.

  • The exclusive availability of Fibrex windows can lead to higher costs because of the lack of competition.

Limited Customization

  • Even though Fibrex windows come in a variety of styles and colors, they do not offer the same level of customization to the specific aesthetic preferences of customers like some other window materials.


  • Fibrex windows are generally heavier than vinyl windows, which can make the installation process more complex and time-consuming.

  • If not installed properly, the benefits of Fibrex windows, primarily their energy efficiency, can decrease significantly. Hence, professional installation is often recommended which might increase the overall costs.

Repairs and Replacements

  • Repairs on Fibrex windows can be more difficult than on other types. Fixing a minor issue might require a complete window replacement, which can be costly.


Fibrex windows offer an impressive blend of longevity, energy efficiency and beauty that is hard to find in other window materials. They demonstrate high resistance to decaying, fading, and flaking, which is truly beneficial for homeowners seeking long-lasting solutions. With a wider range of color choices than vinyl, Fibrex windows help add a touch of elegance and charm to any home decor.

Enjoy the scent of fresh air and the natural calm of sunlight without worrying about maintenance, as Fibrex windows require minimal upkeep. These windows are energy-efficient as well, and can decrease your cooling and heating bills, making them an eco-friendly choice for your home. Plus, they are crafted to achieve the tightest seal possible, providing superb insulation to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Quality, durability, and visual appeal perfectly describe Fibrex windows. Their superior resistance to harsh weather conditions and tough strength that prevents bowing or disfiguring make them a worthy investment for any home. So if you're planning on replacing your windows, don't overlook the superb and long-lasting benefits of Fibrex windows.

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