People often underestimate how crucial their windows are to their home. Sure, windows give you a view of the outside, but they do several other things as well. Choosing the right window style can drastically change the way your room looks. 

Windows also play a role in your home's energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows can filter the UV rays permeating your home, helping to keep your HVAC system running at a steady temperature. They also seal your home against outdoor air that could damage your system.

If you live in the western US, Anlin windows can provide all of these benefits for your home. What is an Anlin window, you ask? These are energy-efficient, high-performing windows that come in several style choices. 

Anlin provides top-quality windows for your home. If you're looking for new windows, check out our guide below to see if Anlin is right for you!

Anlin Windows ENERGY STAR

When searching for energy-efficient windows, investigating their performance through ENERGY STAR is an excellent place to start. ENERGY STAR is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. 

ENERGY STAR aims to provide clear, unbiased information that consumers and businesses can use for making informed purchases. In 2019, ENERGY STAR partners managed to save Americans nearly 500 billion kW-hours of electricity. 

These savings helped Americans evade $39 billion worth of energy costs. Many companies work to create products that comply with ENERGY STAR requirements. 

Anlin happens to be one of those businesses. According to Anlin's FAQ webpage, all Anlin products with Argon Gas exceed the U-Factor, and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients that ENERGY STAR specifies. Some Anlin product lines exceed STAR requirements by as much as 45%!

Anlin Window Product Lines

Anlin windows come in six product lines. Each of these lines provides different functions and aesthetics. We'll walk through each of the product lines in this section.

Catalina Windows

Catalina windows aim for durability, focusing on energy efficiency and straightforward operation. These windows come in four styles: geometric, picture, single-hung, and single slider. These styles are relatively common window fashions throughout the US.

Panoramic Windows

Panoramic windows aim for style. They sport a thin profile framing that grants you optimum views of outdoor areas.

It likewise allows increased levels of natural light into your home, allowing you to save on electric lighting. These windows make a stylish addition to any room.

Del Mar Windows

Del Mar windows are Anlin's premier luxury line of windows. They offer a stylish choice in aesthetics, coming in the same four styles as the preceding windows. Del Mar windows are also highly energy-efficient, exceeding ENERGY STAR standards by up to 45%.

Coronado Windows

Coronado windows act as companion products to Anlin's other window lines. The goal of these windows is to pair with the above lines to provide additional depth to your windows. By pairing these windows, you can achieve a much more open feeling to your rooms.

These windows come in much more varied styles than the other lines mentioned so far. These styles include awning, bay, casement, double-hung, and more. 

Monte Verde Windows

Anlin designs their Monte Verde windows for peak energy efficiency, as well as optimal performance. These windows work wonderfully in smaller living spaces, such as apartments and condominiums.

Like Coronado windows, this line features differing styles, including awning, casement, and double active. In addition to these, Coronado windows also include the four styles that Catalina and Panoramic windows offer.

One reason for the Monte Verde line's popularity is its affordability. While Catalina and Panorama windows tend to be more costly, these are the most affordable windows Anlin offers. Check out a few styles today to see what best fits your budget. 

Bay View Windows

Bay view windows come with a minimalist frame. The goal of this is to allow an expanded look at the viewing area. This frame design also gives the windows a chic, modern look. 

Bay view windows come in the same styles as their Monte Verde counterparts. Because of their range of styles, these bay view windows can fit almost any room's aesthetic.

Quality and Price

Anlin manufactures all of their windows in the United States, and they've received several awards for their work. The National Fenestration Rating Council has given the company its approval, for example. 

Another leading certifier in this field is the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). This organization tests windows for factors like water penetration, thermal performance, air leakage, and resistance to break-ins. 

Anlin holds up well in light of the AAMA examination. The certifier awarded Anlin lines with a Gold Label certification, the highest rating the organization provides. 

When it comes to prices, however, Anlin's performance varies considerably. Their prices fluctuate due to considerations like the product line, window style, and the size of the window. Of course, factors like the number of windows and installation needs also affect the price.

Of the lines, Anlin provides, Del Mar windows are the most costly. This expense comes due to the lack of dealers that offer this window. 

Likewise, Catalina and Panoramic windows weigh in as high-end products. In terms of quality, they perform as well as Del Mar windows. However, because of their greater availability, note that these windows come at more mid-grade prices.

The Monte Verde window line offers the most affordable windows in Anlin's selection. Lastly, Coronado and Bay View windows cost somewhere between Monte Verde prices and Catalina/Panoramic prices.

Warranty Policies

The last of the Anlin window benefits is its warranty policy. Anlin's warranty covers parts, shipping, labor, and accidental breaks in the glass. 

This warranty lasts through the window's life cycle. Moreover, it can even transfer to the next homeowner if you sell your property.

Upgrade Your Windows

Having read through these Anlin window reviews, you can see that these make excellent choices for your home. Anlin windows provide a level of quality and efficiency other brands struggle to follow.

All that's left is to upgrade your windows. To do so, contact a replacement windows contractor today! We can help you furnish your home with top-performing windows for affordable prices. 

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