Windows account for 25 to 30 percent of the heating and cooling energy used in a residential home. Replacing your outdated or leaky windows can reduce your energy bills by 10 percent.

However, the windows you choose for your replacement project are only as efficient as the installation. This is why you need to hire the right window replacement contractor.

To ensure you do the hiring right, here are ten questions to ask your prospective contractors.

1. What’s the Company’s Name and Address?

Having the company’s details will help you search for important data on your prospective contractor from:

  • The state, city, or county state licensing authorities
  • Local construction trade associations
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other online sites

An address will also help you to know the location of the contractor. If you prefer to hire a local expert, you can use their name and address to check whether they comply with the local construction codes and laws.

2. Is Your Business Licensed?

Before you start on the project, you’ll want to check if the business has a license to offer window replacement and installation services. If they have one, ask for the license number and check if it’s up to date. You also need to verify that there aren’t any bad reviews and complaints against them.

Keep in mind that some states don’t require contractors to have a license. In this case, ask for something that can prove their knowledge in the home improvement industry.

3. What Does the Window Replacement Process Entail?

Ask how the window replacement process works so you’ll be able to prepare before the work begins. Also, be aware of the project’s duration from the ordering of the materials to the completion of the job. Ensure the time given is in line with your schedule.

Other questions you can ask related to the project include:

  • Where the materials will be sourced
  • Whether the contractors at the site will be full-time workers or sub-contractors
  • Whether there’ll be a designated foreman at the site

4. What’s You Experience in the Window Installation Business?

Ask the contractor to give you a brief history of the company. Part of it should include the number of years they’ve been in operation. If you’re willing to deal with a new window installation firm, ensure there are a few references that can vouch for them.

Additionally, make sure the company mainly deals with window installation and replacement projects.

5. What Are Your Charges?

Ask your prospective contractor to factor in all the costs so you’ll know what to budget for. For instance, some contractors will offer free estimates while others will charge you for this service.

Don’t forget to inquire the upfront deposit required for the job. In some states, the contracting laws may limit the amount of money that the contractors ask as a down payment. As a rule of thumb, never hire a contractor who asks you to pay the full amount up front.

6. What Window Options Do You Have?

If you’ve already decided on the type of windows you want, ensure the contractor you hire offers this product. If you’re still undecided, ask your contractor for the available window options.

Beware of contractors who offer only one product. They may be more focused on making a sale than advising you on the best window option that suits your home.

7. Do You Have Any References?

References and reviews from past customers will help you to know the kind of window replacement contractor you’re dealing with. Ask for a list of references and randomly call a few to get to know their experience with the contractor.

Further, ask the contractor to show you photos of recently completed projects. If possible, visit the site. You can also read online reviews from sites such as the Better Business Bureau.

8. What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

The contractor should have comprehensive liability insurance that covers damage to you and your property. They should also have a worker’s compensation insurance that covers injury to the workers on your site. The two insurance covers are essential as they protect you from liability in case there’s an accident on your property.

You’ll need to have proof that the insurance is up to date. Thus, you may need to see the certificate of insurance. Don’t hire an uninsured contractor even if their prices are low.

9. What Warranties Do You Offer?

Ensure the contractor has both a manufacturer and a workmanship warranty.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers the windows against manufacturing defects and normally lasts for ten years or more.

A workmanship warranty may last for one or two years. It covers defects that may result from the installation process. A good contractor should also be willing to address any installation issues that may occur after the workmanship warranty period lapses.

10. How Do You Deal With Complaints from Clients?

You’ll want to work with a contractor who can handle issues amicably once they arise. Ask the contractor how they’ve handled complaints in the past. Further, ask them if they’ve lost a job due to a legal case or if they’ve had their license suspended due to a customer complaint and how this was handled.

If they’ve negative online reviews, try to reach some of the complaints and ask what went wrong and if the contractor tried to rectify the situation.

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The questions above should help you narrow down to the best window replacement contractor for your home and needs.

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