The kitchen is where everyone gathers as the day begins and ends. It’s used for more than meals. It's home to game night, homework, meetings, crafts, and countless other activities.

Such an important space needs a good form and function. The 2019 average cost for a kitchen remodel is $11,000. A major renovation can reach $33,000.

The best kitchen remodel is a thoughtful and well-planned project. Consult kitchen renovation experts for the best return on your investment.

Take some time to think about what works for your household. Keep reading to learn the top 7 kitchen remodeling ideas this year.

1. Vintage Vibe in a Modern Kitchen

Tired of your modern minimalist kitchen? You’re not the only one. Adding vintage touches to a modern kitchen is a popular trend.

Hang interesting antique light fixtures over an island. Add color and whimsy with retro drawer and cabinet pulls.

Replace the sink hardware with a vintage brass faucet. Create interesting focal points using rustic barn wood for shelves or an accent wall.

The latest trends combine sleek modern lines with traditional materials. This includes plaster walls, farmhouse floors, and marble backsplashes.

2. High-Tech Smart Kitchen

Technology is trending in the kitchen. Smart kitchens build tech into lighting, faucets, appliances, and more.

Kitchen design is evolving around smart kitchens. In new construction, smart kitchens are part of the original plan. Older kitchens get smart by adding appliances, gadgets, sensors, and more.

It’s easy to add smart features like kitchen faucets that sense motion and turn on. Smart outlets and apps let you control lights from your smartphone. 

Technology in the kitchen touches almost every gadget. You can program a slow cooker, coffeemaker, blender, timer, and a meat thermometer. 

Brew coffee while you're sleeping. Use a smart egg tray to alert you when you need more eggs.

New smart refrigerators connect to WiFi, have touch screens, and interior cameras. You can look inside while shopping at the grocery store. Scan your receipt into the fridge to create an inventory list.

It's a good idea to weigh cost vs value before buying a smart gadget or appliance.

3. Clutter-Free Counters and Cabinets

The latest trends resolve dysfunctional cabinets and cluttered countertops.

Traditional kitchen cabinetry wastes space. Some cabinets are too small to hold modern gadgets. Many large cabinets are inefficient due to unusable dead space. 

New cabinet designs include:

  • Built-in drawer dividers for utensils and silverware
  • Roll-out trays and caddies for awkward pots and pans
  • Pull-out shelves for convenient food storage and retrieval
  • Under-cabinet garbage cans to hide trash and sort recyclables
  • Pull-out drawers for small appliances
  • Appliance garage to hide a coffeemaker or blender

The lower cabinet trend eliminates some upper cabinetry. Open shelving, artwork or windows take the place of upper cabinets.

Built-in microwaves and other small appliances in lower cabinets stay out of sight.

Bigger kitchen islands are a trend that keeps growing. A large island provides extra storage, seating, and workspace.

Homeowners put full ovens, microwaves, and functional storage into the center island. Wine racks and beverage drawers are popular choices.

The kitchen island is now a prominent, functional feature in most new kitchens.

4. Colorful Cabinets

The latest trend is color and more color for kitchen cabinets. Dark, bold colors are replacing white and gray cabinets.

Matte finishes in deep hues are gaining favor. They're replacing white walls, floors, counters, and appliances.

Expect shades of blue and green, along with beautiful jewel tones in new kitchens. Darker cabinets create a luxurious, dramatic, and elegant mood.

If you’re unsure, start by adding a colorful island to your all-white kitchen. Mix finishes and colors to create focal points.

Designers are pairing painted and stained wood cabinets. Paint the uppers and use wood on the lowers — or vice versa.

Pay attention to lighting when you opt for dark cabinets. You don’t want the cabinetry to overpower the room.

Along with installing colorful cabinets, people are adding vibrant appliances to their kitchens. Make a bold statement with navy blue, emerald green or bright red appliances.

Now, it’s possible to choose a patterned or purple fridge — if you dare.

5. Hoodless Ventilation

Many beautiful designs turn a range hood into a design element. Yet, many homeowners are opting out of range hoods for a clean, modern-looking kitchen.

The latest trend in range ventilation is to hide it.

Instead of hanging out in the open, the hood goes behind a soffit ceiling or inside an upper cabinet. It can add some storage space if you don’t put the hood inside a cabinet.

Another option is to install downdraft ventilation. Downdraft ventilation is inside the countertop or appliance.

Often, the vent pops up next to the cooktop when in use. It sucks in the fumes and pushes them down into ductwork.

When you’re done cooking the vent disappears into the base of the counter or appliance.

6. Statement Backsplashes

A backsplash is utilitarian, but it’s also the perfect place to get creative. 

If you want a backsplash with personality, you’re in luck. Tile options cover a wide range of colors, styles, textures, and sizes.

Some backsplashes reach from the counter to the ceiling. New designs often include an entire wall of marble, quartz, steel, glass or copper tile.

Mix and match color, shape, pattern, and texture to create unique art on your kitchen wall. Consult a designer if you’re not artistic.

Adding bold color and textures is a great look for a standard-sized backsplash. If you want a subtle scheme, use a pattern of complementary neutral colors. Vary the tile size and shape for more interest.

Tile offers unique options for adding color to an existing kitchen or a complete remodel.

7. Natural Materials

After you add colorful appliances and tile, look to nature to create balance. Materials like stone and wood add natural beauty to any design.

Some designers use stone for more than counters. Many create a waterfall by extending the stone over the edge and down to the floor. It creates a fluid line from the counter to the floor.

As mentioned above, large slabs of stone, wood, and glass are popular for tall backsplashes. Some designers use natural stone and wood for drawer fronts and ventilation hoods.

The use of natural materials extends beyond country and farmhouse themes. Every kitchen style benefits from using alternative materials.

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