While renovating your home in smaller portions is a fantastic idea to save yourself discomfort, kitchen remodeling is still quite inconvenient because it means no home-cooked food! Since you will be giving up on your comfort and not to mention spending a huge sum of money, the remodel needs to be perfect the first time. Hence, there are several kitchen remodel mistakes you need to steer clear of. 

Generally, because homeowners don't usually have experience in remodeling and renovation, it is possible to make several kitchen remodel mistakes, leading to even more costly repairs. GVD Renovations would hate to see your money go down the drain as an industry expert. Hence, we have come up with seven tips for how to avoid kitchen remodel mistakes so your effort and money are saved! 

How to Avoid Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

Don't Make the Aisles too Tight

One of the most common kitchen remodel mistakes is making tight aisles, and here's how to avoid it: Kitchen aisles must be roomy enough to facilitate all activities. Clearance makes it easier for numerous cooks to move past one another and through the kitchen. 

For example, aisles around islands, walls, and appliances should all be between 42 and 48 inches wide when planning a new kitchen. To prevent a collision between two chefs, consider placing important elements like basins and the range offset from one another.

Don't Make a Cramped Kitchen

We understand how important it is to have your new kitchen rebuilt beautifully. But what's even more important is that it should be fully functional. When designing a new kitchen, many people make these common kitchen remodel mistakes of neglecting the significance of a spacious kitchen and going overboard with kitchen cabinets and shelves. 

We know you need more storage space, so if you want to learn how to avoid creating a cramped kitchen, consider the direction of doors and sizes of the cabinets and appliances. Also, think about the greater clearance needed for fridges and ovens. Before deciding where to place everything, walk around the space to have an idea of the perfect setting! 

Supersizing and Overloading Islands 

If you have a big space, don't make common kitchen mistakes of oversizing and overloading your islands because if it is any longer than 10 feet, it will minimize the walking space in your kitchen. Despite your efforts of wanting a spacious kitchen, you will be stuck with a confined one. Plus, an isle should also be no deeper than 4 feet because reaching the stuff you placed in the middle and bottom would become difficult. A similar issue arises when an island is crammed with dishes, baskets, and other things. Make sure that no countertop storage extends past the countertop's rim. 

Modifying the Plan Once the Work has Begun 

Before you start remodeling your kitchen, get everything in order because adjustments and delays along the way might drive up costs. Homeowners tend to be double-minded once the work has begun, which is another common kitchen remodel mistake. 

The only answer to avoiding this is to do your research and consider all your options before making a decision. Be confident and sure about what you want. If you are out of ideas, explore Pinterest and Instagram, and you will find many sample kitchen designs. 

Talk to your contractor if those designs are practically possible in your home. Work hand in hand with your renovators to develop a design you are a hundred percent sure about to avoid repeating these small kitchen remodel mistakes. Before the contractor is prepared to begin the installation, confirm that everything has arrived.

Always Install Floors After the Cabinets Have Been Installed 

One of the many kitchen remodel mistakes includes neglecting the importance of the installation order. Renovation experts suggest installing floors once the cupboard installation has been completed. 

Doing so offers two advantages. First of all, if your kitchen flooring needs any repair or replacement in the future, you can get that done without causing any damage to your cabinets. Secondly, installing the cabinets first will deprive the floor of its ability to expand and contract, increasing the possibility of cupping and peaking. 

Hence, save yourself trouble in the future by avoiding repeating such minor kitchen remodel mistakes, and your future self will thank you! 

Don’t Select the Wrong Flooring

Wood selection is super important, particularly if you intend to install hardwood flooring in your kitchen. Most homeowners repeat the kitchen remodel mistakes of choosing a glossy surface. The idea might sound appealing, but it does increase the chances of accidents in your kitchen because such hardware is slippery.

Instead, we suggest you get textured-finish flooring for your kitchen because it enhances traction and grip. Plus, it would be easier to conceal the regular wear and tear in the kitchen with it. Another good alternative to textured-finish hardwood flooring could be cork flooring but mind you. It eventually tends to fade away from prolonged sun exposure, so you must keep that in mind! 

If you also want to know how to avoid mishaps in the kitchen, be sure to purchase rugs or mats and place them in front of the skin, the refrigerator, and the dishwasher to be safe! If you already plan on doing so, pat yourself on the back for avoiding such common kitchen remodel mistakes! 

Avoid Following the Trends a Bit Too Much

We realize how flattering the modern kitchen designs are and how challenging it is to not incorporate each one in your new kitchen. But believe us, as Sacramento kitchen renovation contractors, this is one of the most common kitchen remodel mistakes that people make. Trends can quickly fade away, and you will again have an outdated kitchen style in no time. If you want to know how to avoid giving in to those compelling designs, spend your money on functional changes such as increasing the storage or walking space in the kitchen. 

Now that you have been through the list of most common kitchen remodel mistakes and the tricks to avoid them, make sure you follow through. With these tips, you will surely be able to design the kitchen of your dreams! 

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