You've lived in your home for some time now, and while beautiful, it's time for some renovations. The kitchen seems a good place to start; the cabinetry is old and falling apart in some places, while the countertops are reminiscent of a past era. 

However, settling on a brand seems to be a daunting task. Those countertops your friends recently installed looked flashy and nice, but you're certain that in a few years, they'll start to show signs of wear and tear. 

Luckily, Fieldstone cabinets are the answer to anyone looking for well-constructed and dependable cabinets.

Here are 7 reasons why your kitchen needs them.

Handmade with Care 

At GVD Renovations, we believe that top-notch products require artisanal production.

All Fieldstone cabinet doors are assembled manually, which allows joints to fit together perfectly. All doors are then meticulously sanded by hand, which keeps the coloring consistent. Any decorative trim is put on by hand, which ensures the best fit. Finally, the glaze is applied manually, which when done correctly, achieves an artisanal effect. 

Attention to detail is also clearly evident inside the cabinets, with flush end panels and a visibly smooth, refined look.

Inside and out, Fieldstone cabinets are beautiful and clearly made with patience, diligence, and care. 

High-Quality Materials

The best kitchen cabinets are those that rely on solid materials such as hardwood, as opposed to particleboard. 

All products at Fieldstone Cabinetry use 3/4 inch hardwood plywood, which ensures solid construction. They are even strong enough to support granite countertops!

Drawers, and any other installed hardware, are also heavy-duty yet elegant, enabling Fieldstone products to withstand damage, while also looking beautiful. Finishes are oven-cured two times, preventing any potential future damage from stains and liquids. 

For more information on what sets Fieldstone cabinets apart from other brands, check out this Cabinetry Comparison Workbook.


As with any top-brand, Fieldstone cabinets are able to be customized and tailored to meet individual customer needs. 

When working with Fieldstone cabinets, to say that you have creative flexibility is an understatement. What sort of wood type would you like? What color? Do you think a Cottage Distressing or an Old World Distressing look would work best? Which style glass door do you want?

These are just some of the many creative questions we'll help you to decide.

Likewise, Fieldstone cabinets have been custom-made to perform a variety of practical functions, including:

  • Conceal a heating duct
  • Accommodate a staircase
  • Showcase a clock 

Tell us about the project you have in mind today, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Last a Lifetime 

Too many companies not only use poor materials to construct their cabinets and countertops but also offer no support when their products inevitably degrade. 

Fieldstone cabinets are certainly built to last, but if for whatever reason there is any sign of defect in materials, finishes, or workmanship, Fieldstone Cabinetry offers a lifetime warranty.

As long as the product is owned by the original purchaser, cabinetry can be warranted for any problem. 

Being a high-quality product means more than just lasting for years, it means lasting a lifetime.

Sustainable Products

All Fieldstone cabinets are not only built to last but are also built in an environmentally-conscious fashion. 

Cabinets are built with quality hardwood, whether from oak, cherry, maple, alder, or hickory. American hardwood has exceeded harvest requirements for the past 40 years, ensuring that products are all sustainable.

Through using high-quality wood to create long-lasting, as opposed to disposable, products, there is also zero depletion of forestland. 

Fieldstone Cabinetry has also enjoyed the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) certification for nearly 20 years. This is only awarded to companies that demonstrate sound environmental practices. 

For more information, read through this environmental guide, which explains in detail some of the steps Fieldstone Cabinetry takes to be environmentally-friendly. 


Today, many companies claim that their products are American-made when they are actually made and shipped internationally. 

Fieldstone cabinets are unique in that they are designed and made in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Both the management and production teams operate from there, employing Americans and benefitting the economy.

GVD Renovations is proud to work with other American-made brands, such as Fieldstone Cabinetry.

Excellent Reviews

While any company can claim that their products are top-notch, it's what customers say that really matters.

Fieldstone cabinets have developed a reputation for being high-quality products that are sturdy yet stylish. Customers have praised the quality and finish, as well as the storage and design options available.  

Furthermore, Fieldstone Cabinetry has also established itself as a company that cares about the maintenance of its products, and that offers excellent customer support. Customers have noticed this, and have come to value the company not only for their products, but also for the assistance they are capable of offering.

Check out some of the comments that people are saying about Fieldstone cabinets. 

Likewise, GVD Renovations will also work with you to ensure that there are no problems.

Fieldstone Cabinets: The Right Choice

Beginning the process of remodeling your kitchen is a difficult task, and deciding on a brand is not easy either.

Many brands use materials that degrade quickly in your home, while also harming the environment in the process. Meanwhile, other companies manufacture their products abroad, often causing delays and detriments to quality.

In contrast with companies such as these, Fieldstone cabinets stand apart as high-quality products. They are sustainable and customizable, and also American-made.

Now that you know why Fieldstone cabinets are the best choice for your kitchen, it's time to begin remodeling!

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation or estimate for any of your remodeling needs.

Get started with the home remodeling you deserve!

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