Cellular Polyvinyl Chloride, or in simpler words, cellular PVC, is one of the latest addition to the composite siding market. Although it did not just come out, it has gained more popularity over the last few years. Basically, PVC is a material used for sidings that looks very similar to wood. Still, it is a better alternative to the primary product as it does offer the same disadvantages as wood.

PVC has been a significant material in the construction industry for decades. But PVC siding was just introduced a couple of years ago and is fairly a new "thing" in the market. One might hesitate to go for cellular PVC when considering siding replacement for their homes because, of course, you want to go for a material you have known about for decades, i.e., wood, and not some recent innovation like PVC siding.

But then again, observing the hype of cellular PVC being used as home siding puts a person in a dilemma. So we at GVD Renovations decided to take the matter into our hands and enlighten our customers on the pros, cons, and cost of getting PVC siding in 2022.

Alternatives of Cellular PVC

Wood comes, of course, on the top of the list if talked about as the direct and most natural competitor of PVC. But we have several other materials that people usually consider for their home's composite siding. Generally, any material that imitates the properties of natural wood siding is the most preferred option.

Now, this list of alternatives includes the following:

  • Engineered Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Fiber

Unlike cellular PVC, these three brands above are quite well-known, have an established reputation in the market, and our popular in their respective niches.

Top Producers of Cellular PVC

  • CertainTeed
  • NuCedar
  • Royal Building Product's Celect Line

This short list can decipher that cellular PVC can perform every function that a simple wood siding can perform. You can use cellular Polyvinyl Chloride for trim, vertical boards, lapboards, cedar shingles immigration, etc.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for PVC Siding?

Installing PVC sidings at your property might cost you around $12.50 to $18.50 per square foot of composite wood siding installed. So if you live in a typical two-bedroom home, you should expect to pay somewhere between $30,000 to $55,000 for new siding installation.

Here we would also like to highlight that estimating the total cost of cellular Polyvinyl Chloride siding is not a simple and easy task. That's because no PVC manufacturers provide their rates in specific and straightforward terms. As there can be a range of variations in the application and other requirements by the client, the cost of installing PVC siding varies from customer to customer.

Further Information about PVC Pricing

The following section will roughly break down the costs above to give you a general idea of what an actual siding job involves and what most professional contractors enlist on their estimates.

We would also like you to remember that the following estimates are based on the average information at the national level. Hence, they are subject to variations.

Note: The rates mentioned below are for a house spread over an area of 2000 sq. ft.

Average Cost of Cellular Polyvinyl Chloride Gravels (Includes Installation by a Professional):

  • $15.50 per sq. ft. Hence, 2000 x 15.50 = $31,000.
  • Previous Siding Removal: $3000
  • Charge of Disposal or Garbage Rental: $900
  • Home Wrap: $1,200
  • Other Materials for Building: $3300
  • (This could include corners, trim board, galvanized nails, etcetera).
  • Permit for Building: $500-$2000 (depends on local building department)

Hence, the total project can cost you around $40,000.

If that sounds way out of your budget, you can exclude the removal of previous siding and disposal charges from this list, as the rest of the items do not have a wiggle room. By subtracting the two services mentioned above, you can install Polyvinyl Chloride siding at your home within the range that we quoted in the previous section.

It's time to talk about those factors that influence the cost of getting cellular Polyvinyl Chloride siding for your place!

Factors Affecting the Installation Cost

Contractor Rates

Professionals may ask for a hefty fee for installation. Hence, the charges may vary from contractor to contractor. The most experienced professionals have a higher rate than those relatively new in the market.

Installing PVC sidings is one of the most accessible types of siding to install. So, you can ask a less experienced siding contractor for the job as the chance of them messing up is fairly low.

DIY Route

Some people prefer going their own way to buy materials which helps cut down some labor costs. Still, we do not recommend it as going with a professional contractor offers more advantages and a guaranteed job.

The Style and Design

Traditional siding can be more expensive if you go with shakes and shingles. But, if you choose vertical boards, that can cost you lesser money. Plus, there is a list of things modified as per the clients' decisions, so you can go for the less expensive options if you have a limited budget to spare.

Finally, let's talk about the pros and cons of getting cellular PVC siding!


  • Composite siding does not rot, attracts animals for feasting on it, or gets wet.
  • PVC sidings are non-combustible, so they are a safer choice to go with.
  • They are available in a range of warrantied colors.
  • As it has a seamless look, it enhances the beauty of your home.
  • Cellular PVC is an excellent insulator.
  • It is easy to apply, making for less waste than other siding materials.
  • It does not require frequent maintenance.
  • You may not have to replace it every 5 or 10 years like you would do with wood siding.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.


  • Cellular PVC sidings can be very expensive.
  • There is insufficient information about PVC sidings, so people are often confused about getting it done.
  • As it is somewhat new in the market, its reliability is yet to be tested.

So what do you say? Is PVC siding worth the investment? We believe it truly is. You can reach out to us at GVD Renovations for further information, and we will be happy to help!

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