Upgrading the siding on your home has to be one of the most crucial decisions one has to make for so many reasons. First of all, since the siding will be your home's exterior, it is the first thing people will notice about your home even if they pass by. Secondly, your home's exterior should be rugged enough to withstand severe weather conditions and protect the surface underneath. Hence, choosing the best siding for your home is quite vital. 

Polymer siding vs vinyl siding is a confusing choice for homeowners and contractors at times. It can be difficult to decide whether you should go with vinyl siding or polymer siding when both these options offer numerous benefits and are highly competitive. 

But as experts in this industry, GVD Renovations can help you put this façade to an end. This article will compare vinyl siding with polymer siding to determine which one is a better option and has more value for money. Let's get started! 

Polymer Siding Vs Vinyl Siding 

Starting with how long these types of siding have been around in the market, we would like to mention that vinyl siding has been a popular choice for almost half a century. In comparison, polymer siding is a relative newcomer in the construction industry. Vinyl is reasonable and adaptable, but polymer offers greater resistance and protection. So, who will win this debate of polymer siding vs. vinyl siding? Let's find out!

About Polymer Siding

Polymer is basically made from a type of plastic or resin. Polymers have a complex and large structure that involves strong bonding between the molecules. Thanks to this uniqueness and complexity in the structure, polymers provide maximum resistance and durability. 

Polymer siding is made from an artificial polymer, namely polypropylene resin. The production process of this material is similar to that of vinyl. But as polymer siding is a branch of plastic, it offers greater resilience against force and other elements compared to vinyl. 

Polymer siding can be hard to find as it is relatively new, so it is not readily available yet. This makes it more expensive too. So, live in an area with a moderate climate. It might not be a great idea to invest in polymer siding as vinyl siding will work just as well, but people living in an extreme climate should consider polymer siding; a worthy investment! 

To give you a detailed overview of polymer siding vs vinyl siding, it is essential to consider both these materials' positive and negative aspects. So, let's get into the pros of polymer siding. 

Benefits of Polymer Siding 

Adds up to the Aesthetics of your Home If you want to keep up with the aesthetics of your household, polymer siding is an easy winner in this debate of polymer siding vs vinyl siding. While vinyl comes in a range of different textures, it cannot offer a finishing that could even come close to that of polymer. 

Offers Greater Thickness 

Polymer panels are far thicker than vinyl panels. As a result, they provide more insulation than vinyl siding and keep your home warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Again, a great choice if you live in an area with extreme weather. 

Seamless Finish 

Unlike vinyl, polymer siding application does not require the overlapping of panels. So, there is no vertical seam in this type of siding, which is quite pleasing aesthetically. 

More Strength 

If you lift a plank of vinyl and a plank of polymer of the same weight and thickness, you will notice that the polymer plank is way stronger than vinyl because of its complex molecular bonding. 


Even though polymers are made from plastic, they are still much more environmentally friendly than vinyl and other types of siding made from plastic. 

About Vinyl Siding 

The material used in the making of vinyl siding is known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It is also a plastic polymer but has a different molecular composition than polypropylene resin. Vinyl siding are designed for toughness, yet they provide greater flexibility. While vinyl is an excellent option for house siding, it is not as nature-friendly, so in this case of polymer siding vs vinyl siding, we prefer polymer!

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

More Reasonable Option 

Vinyl siding have been in the market for many years now. The modernization in the industry has enabled companies to keep the production cost low, so vinyl planks are available in the market at a cheaper rate than polymer. 

Greater Variety in Styles 

If you are quite choosy about colors and styles, then vinyl is good for polymer siding vs vinyl siding. Vinyl comes in a range of options, so you can pick anything that you find the most appropriate for your home's exterior. 

Low Maintenance 

Vinyl siding are easy to clean and maintain. If cleaned regularly, no dirt will build up on its surface, and they will remain as good as new for a long time. 

Polymer Siding Vs Vinyl Siding: The Comparison 


Polymer is thicker than vinyl, and it gives a more natural look. Vinyl gives off an artificial, plastic, and shiny look, which many do not prefer. 


Polymer is far more expensive than vinyl because vinyl is abundantly available in the markets, whereas polymer is not. 


Polymer offers greater insulation and is more energy-efficient than vinyl. So if you want to reduce your energy bills, you know which side to pick in the polymer siding vs vinyl siding debate.


As both materials are made from plastic, they are easy to maintain. But, you should clean them frequently to eliminate the risk of mold and mildew. 


Polymer siding will last for more than six decades, while the maximum life of vinyl will be no more than 40 years. 

Polymer Siding Vs Vinyl Siding: Who's the Winner?

You decide to choose between polymer siding vs vinyl siding. But we believe the difference in costs is far higher than the difference in features. So if you do not live in an area with a harsh climate, you should save up the extra money and invest in simple vinyl siding!

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