Choosing the right siding for your home means looking at what’s out there, what they offer, and how they align with your renovation goals. Today, many homeowners prefer two types of durable and visually pleasing options. The first type is ready for paint, while the second comes pre-colored from a well-known brand's product line. Each has its own set of benefits and unique qualities. This blog will explore these choices in depth, highlighting their pros and cons and diving into the specifics of each.

What is Primed Hardie Siding?

Primed Hardie siding is a HardiePlank product that comes to you primed and ready for painting after installation. This siding is famed for its toughness, able to withstand harsh weather conditions, including wintry chills, high temperatures, humid environments, and even the salty air found in coastal regions.

  • With primed Hardie siding, homeowners have the flexibility of choosing their preferred paint color, allowing personal customization to match the exteriors aesthetically.
  • The siding has been primed in the factory to facilitate fast and easy painting after installation.

What is ColorPlus Hardie Siding?

On the other hand, ColorPlus Hardie siding is a product of technological advancement in the James Hardie siding product line which already has a baked-on color. The process involves the application of multiple layers of color while curing between each one. This robotic application results in a durable, vibrant finish that lasts longer and offers resistance against wear and tear.

  • Opting for ColorPlus Hardie siding, homeowners benefit from a wider range of pre-selected, vibrant colors.
  • This siding option requires less maintenance due to its robust finish and long-lasting color.

Difference in Aesthetic Output

The major point of distinction between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie siding lies in the aesthetic output.

Primed Hardie Siding

Primed Hardie siding allows homeowners to opt for their preferred paint color. This means you can perfectly match the overall theme of your home or even change colors if you decide to repaint in the future.

ColorPlus Hardie Siding

ColorPlus Hardie siding provides homeowners with the assurance of a consistent color finish. With the color baked onto the siding, there is less likelihood of visible mistakes that can occur with manual painting. Moreover, ColorPlus siding offers a wider array of vibrant, pre-selected color options.

Differences in Maintenance

The demands and schedules of maintenance significantly differ between Primed Hardie siding and ColorPlus Hardie siding.

Primed Hardie Siding

Since the homeowner determines the final color through post-installation painting, the maintenance of Primed Hardie siding depends on the paint's quality and how well it was applied. Regular inspections are necessary to check for signs of weathering or fading. Depending on the paint quality, re-painting may be needed every 5-7 years.

ColorPlus Hardie Siding

The advantage of ColorPlus Hardie siding is that it boasts a long-lasting finish, reducing the frequency of maintenance checks. The color is baked onto the panels and finished with a top coat, providing a high level of resistance to chips, cracks, and fading. This durable finish ensures your siding maintains its color for longer periods, with minimal maintenance required.

Comparative Cost

One of the final considerations when choosing between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding is the cost involved.

Primed Hardie Siding

Though the initial cost of Primed Hardie Siding might be lower than ColorPlus, the overall cost could add up over time because of painting and re-painting expenses. These expenses include both the cost of paint and labor charges if a contractor is hired.

ColorPlus Hardie Siding

ColorPlus Hardie siding may have a higher upfront cost, but due to its low maintenance and no additional color application cost, it can prove to be more cost-effective over time.

Understanding the 'Difference Between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding' helps you make an informed decision about the best siding for your home. Consider your aesthetic preferences, long-term maintenance considerations, and budget when choosing between the two. Rest assured, though, whichever you opt for, both promise durability, beauty, and a substantial boost to your home’s value.

FAQ Section: Understanding the Differences Between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding

What does ColorPlus refer to in Hardie Siding?

ColorPlus refers to a specific type of finish by Hardie Siding. It's a factory-applied, baked-on finish that comes with a 15-year warranty against peeling, cracking, and chipping. This type of finish is known for its durability and vibrant color that remains consistent over time.

What is meant by Primed Hardie Siding?

Primed Hardie Siding is prepped and ready to be painted, but it does not come pre-colored like the ColorPlus options. The siding is coated with a primer that is designed to interact optimally with the fiber cement components of the siding. This ensures that whichever paint is applied afterwards will adhere well and create a long-lasting finish.

How does the longevity between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding compare?

Both ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding are built to last; however, the specific longevity of the product tends to depend on how well it's maintained. ColorPlus tends to endure longer without requiring repainting due to its baked-on finish, while Primed Hardie Siding would require repainting dependent on the quality of paint used.

What level of maintenance does ColorPlus Hardie Siding require?

ColorPlus Hardie Siding is designed to offer low maintenance. Just some mild soap and water used for cleaning every now and then is enough to keep it in top condition. Due to the baked-on finish, repainting is often not needed for a long time.

What level of maintenance does Primed Hardie Siding require?

Primed Hardie Siding demands higher levels of maintenance because the longevity of the finish depends more on the quality and application of the paint. Regular repainting may be necessary over time.

What flexibility in terms of color options does ColorPlus offer?

Hardie’s ColorPlus offers a variety of pre-selected color options. They are chosen to match the most current style trends, and also to compliment a wide range of landscapes and styles of homes.

How flexible are the color options with Primed Hardie Siding?

Since Primed Hardie Siding comes primed, but not painted, it allows homeowners an almost limitless variety for color options. It’s an excellent choice for those who wish to choose a very specific color that isn’t offered in the ColorPlus range.

How does installation compare between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding?

Installation processes for both ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding are quite similar. However, with ColorPlus, since the color is already applied, the installation process might be faster and cleaner because no further painting is required.

Is there a price difference between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding?

Yes, generally ColorPlus tends to be slightly more expensive due to its long-lasting baked-on color. Though Primed Hardie Siding is less costly upfront, keep in mind that you will need to factor in the cost of painting after installation.

Pros and Cons: Comparing ColorPlus Technology and Primed Hardie Siding

ColorPlus Technology

Pros of ColorPlus Technology

  • Durability: ColorPlus Technology utilizes a factory-applied, baked-on finish. It ensures that the siding is resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking, representing an advantageous long-term investment.
  • Outstanding Color Retention: ColorPlus technology is known for its exceptional color retention. The finish is fade-resistant, reducing the maintenance need and ensuring the siding looks fresh for many years.
  • UV Resistance: UV rays can be damaging, especially for sidings. ColorPlus Technology has built-in UV resistance, helping to protect your siding from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Consistent quality: With factory-applied color, ColorPlus ensures a uniform, high-quality finish without the variances that you may encounter with on-site painting.
  • Time Efficient: As there’s no need to paint after installation, the siding setup process is quicker with ColorPlus Technology.

Cons of ColorPlus Technology

  • Cost: ColorPlus Technology comes at a higher upfront cost compared with primed Hardie siding that is painted onsite.
  • Flexibility: ColorPlus offers fewer color options compared to locally applied paint, which may limit your design choices.
  • Repairs: In case of damage, matching and reapplying the specific factory color can be more challenging compared to painted siding.

Primed Hardie Siding

Pros of Primed Hardie Siding

  • Cost-Effective: Primed Hardie siding tends to be less expensive than ColorPlus technology because it is painted after installation.
  • Variety: You have the flexibility to pick any paint color you want, giving you more control over the final look of your siding. It can be best for those who prefer custom home aesthetics.
  • Easy Touch-Ups: Scratches or chips can be addressed more easily. You can simply apply your available wall paint over the damaged area.

Cons of Primed Hardie Siding

  • Site Variations: The final finish quality might vary due to factors such as the skill of the painter, the weather conditions during painting, and the quality of the paint used.
  • Maintenance: Compared to ColorPlus Technology, primed Hardie siding might need more maintenance, particularly repainting, as time goes by.
  • Longer Installation Process: As painting is done after installation, you may have to wait for good weather and set aside additional time for the painting process.


Ultimately, the decision between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding will depend on your specific needs and preferences. The main difference between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding lies in the final finish and maintenance requirements. ColorPlus technology offers vibrant and durable finish along with low maintenance qualities. On the other hand, Primed Hardie Siding allows for customized painting to match the specific color scheme of your home, but requires more maintenance in the long run.

Both types of siding boast the renowned strength and durability of James Hardie's fiber cement products. ColorPlus siding, however, comes pre-painted with a baked-on finish which is guaranteed to last up to 15 years without repainting. This can be a huge advantage to homeowners who want a longer-term, low-maintenance solution. On the flip side, Primed Hardie Siding is a great option for those who prefer to customize their home's exterior color or want to repaint their siding regularly.

Whether you choose ColorPlus or Primed Hardie Siding, each comes with its unique benefits. The difference between ColorPlus and Primed Hardie Siding reflects not just in the aesthetic aspects but also in terms of installation and upkeep. Take time to evaluate which meets your lifestyle and personal taste before making a decision. After all, siding is a significant investment that directly affects your home's curb appeal and value.

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