The latest figures for the cost recouped from remodeling projects are in. The 2019 national data shows that siding replacement is in the top four projects for cost recouped on resale. Whether you're thinking of selling in the near future or just want to know you are getting value for money, siding replacement beats a new deck, door and window replacement.

It's durable and long lasting, but do you know the other benefits of James Hardie siding? Keep reading to learn.

James Hardie Siding

If you have decided to re-side your home, your next decision is about what kind of siding to have. James Hardie siding is otherwise known as fiber-cement siding. It's a man-made material but what is it made of?

James Hardie siding is made from three main ingredients. The fibers described in the name are cellulose fibers. Cellulose fibers are a natural product that occurs in plants and can be obtained from recycled paper.

The other two ingredients are sand and cement. The siding is made by of a composite of these three materials that have been pressed into shingles or planks. The design of the planks or shingles gives the finished effect.

Safety First

James Hardie Siding Benefits

Safety may not be the most glamorous of benefits for building materials but it's important to know that your home is safe.

When exposed to high heat or even an exposed flame, James Hardie siding does not catch fire. In the event of a fire, this means that you and your family have more time to escape a fire emergency. Firefighters have more time to save people, property and your home.

Pests can damage your home and introduce infections too. A fiber-cement siding is not prone to warping, rotting or splitting. This means there are fewer opportunities for vermin, termites or birds to gain access to the structure.

Curb Appeal

Real estate agents use the term curb appeal to describe the attractiveness of a piece of property. The appearance of a house from the curb can make a significant difference. A potential buyer can be attracted by this initial attractiveness or turned off and never leave their car.

Because of James Hardie siding's quality appearance, it has curb appeal. The siding comes in a wide range of designs including very realistic wood effects. This quality appearance is partly because the siding is so much thicker than alternatives such as vinyl siding.

You can turn the exterior of your home into an attractive colonial or historic style home with modern building material performance. Visual appeal and reliable performance are great benefits whether you are selling or intend to enjoy your home for many years to come.

Colorful Options

The color of your siding makes a tremendous difference to the appearance of your home. James Hardie siding comes in many attractive colors. Whether you want light or dark colors or a neutral color the options are available.

The color of your siding makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of your home. Lighter colors can make your home look bigger. Darker colors can create more character and harmonize with other colors in the structure.

Coordinating your siding with your soffit and other trim means you have an overall harmonious look to your home. The color choices provide many ways of doing this. It can contrast with or complement the other colors in your home.

You might be worried that these color options may be attractive but that the maintenance may by hard work. No need to worry with James Hardie sidings. The fade-resistant color is baked-in to the siding.

This is a low maintenance product with colors staying consistently good for many years. Alternatively, there is an option to have primed siding and to paint it. This means you can match any existing color scheme.

Consider the Environment

The environmental impact of building materials is a consideration these days. You may make environmentally conscious decisions in other aspects of your life, why not in building material choices. If you carefully recycle your trash why would you use environmentally unsustainable building materials?

James Hardie siding is an inert product. It has virtually no environmental impact at the end of its life. Even if it ends up in landfill, it does not release toxins into the environment.

During its life, it protects your home providing insulating properties and so helps reduce your energy use. Adding a layer of insulation under the siding can improve this further.

The United States Green Building Council approves the use of James Hardie siding in its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building rating system. You can be sure that this is a recognized sustainable product.

Resilience Against Bad Weather

Are you worried about the weather? If high winds, raging storms or even hail attack your home, you need a tough defensive shield. James Hardie siding provides such a defense.

This siding is waterproof and windproof too. It's substantial enough to take a battering and show no ill effects. Properly fitted, it will last for years even if exposed to severe weather conditions.

Enviable Reputation

There are many products competing for your attention. All of them would love to have the status of James Hardie siding as the market-leading product. It's been tested, reviewed and researched and remains the market leader.

A well-known name in building materials can be a valuable feature of your home if you are preparing it for sale. Even better if it is a name that is associated with quality, reliability, and durability.

The Craftsmanship of the Installer

A quality product needs a quality installer. The benefits can all be lost by poor technique and shoddy workmanship. Have experts install your siding so you get all the benefits of James Hardie siding.

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