You know it’s true, your home needs a facelift. Yet, you keep putting it off because all the options, time, and money involved leaves you feeling overwhelmed. How do you know what to do?

You’re in luck, there’s an easy solution! Vinyl siding can give you the look you want, fit into your budget, and have your house looking great in no time.

Want to know what else it can do for you? Let’s look at 9 key benefits of vinyl house siding.

1. Durable

Vinyl siding is made to last. It’s strong, dent-resistant, and will wrap your home in a reliable covering for years to come.

Unlike metal and wood siding, vinyl won’t rot, corrode, or split. It’s made of a unique formation that’s resistant to moisture, which means it also won’t warp or bend when it’s wet.

Plus, it doesn’t attract the unwanted pests that can damage your home, such as termites.

With its durability and available long-lasting warranties, you can expect your vinyl siding to last 20-40 years.

2. Easy Maintenance

You’re the ultimate weekend warrior. But that doesn’t mean you want to add home siding maintenance to your plans.

Vinyl siding is about as low maintenance as it gets. There’s no worrying about hanging off ladders to scrape and paint to keep up its appearance. All it takes is a simple washing off every year or so to get rid of dust and dirt build-up.

That also means it’s low maintenance on your wallet. Without having to buy painting supplies every few years, you can spend that money doing something you enjoy instead.

3. Cuts Heating and Cooling Costs

We’re all looking for ways to cut our monthly utility bills. But did you know vinyl siding can help you do just that? With insulated vinyl siding, your home becomes more energy efficient.

It prevents heat loss that can happen between your exterior wall studs, known as “thermal bridging”. When wall studs come into contact with exterior siding, the heat can bleed through and escape. That mean heat seeps into your house during the summer and seeps out in the wintertime.

Insulated vinyl siding provides a covering over the wall studs, preventing the transfer of heat. Your home has better climate control, which cuts your utility costs.

4. It Costs Less

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your home but didn’t think you could do it on a budget – think again. Vinyl siding is a very cost-effective home improvement project.

Compared to other siding options, including wood and metal, vinyl siding is one of the least expensive options on the market. That means you’re able to fit it into any budget.

Plus, with its durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance features, it’s a home improvement project that will continue to save you money for years to come.

5. Versatile and Customizable

In the past, people disliked vinyl siding because of its seams and plastic appearance. But with changes in technology, that’s no longer the case. Today’s vinyl siding offers a variety of textures, colors, and seamless styles that is versatile enough for any design taste.

Traditional panels that look like wood is popular for those wanting a wood look without the wood prices. You can also get details such as cedar shakes or Victorian scallops in vinyl, which doesn’t let you sacrifice charm for practically.

Plus, it's possible to cut vinyl siding to fit into tight or unique spaces that other types of siding can’t go. That gives you total control over the design and style you want for your house.

6. Weather Resistant

Mother Nature isn’t always kind to our homes. Blazing sun, heat, wind, rain, hail, and the freezing cold can take its toll.

The design of vinyl siding holds up against whatever Mother Nature dishes out. It doesn’t fade in the sun, can withstand driving rain and hail, and is even known to hold up against winds up to 110 mph.

And since it’s moisture resistant, it doesn’t allow for the growth of mold and mildew.

7. Great Curb Appeal

We all want our homes to look good. Having a well-manicured lawn only goes so far. But with vinyl siding, we can level up our curb appeal!

Since vinyl siding lasts, it won’t fade, chip, crack, or peel. The color infuses all the way through the product, ensuring it always looks it’s very best.

Plus, since your vinyl siding maintains its texture and structural integrity, your house will look good up close and from a distance.

8. Adds Value to Your Home

Whether you decide to sell your house years down the road or sell it tomorrow, adding vinyl siding will increase your home’s value.

All potential buyers want to invest in a home that will last. With vinyl siding, they know they’re getting a product that maintains its appearance and one they won’t have to turn right around to replace.

And since most siding warranties are transferable to the new homeowners, they’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re covered if something should happen.

In fact, vinyl siding is one of the top home improvement projects you can do to add value to your home. The average homeowner can expect to see over a 75% return on their investment.

9. Quick and Easy to Install

Many homeowners avoid jumping into home improvement projects, simply because of the time it takes. Long, drawn-out installations can be stressful for anyone.

Yet, you don’t have to worry about that with vinyl siding. The material is lightweight and easy to work with since it has an interlocking design.

An experienced renovation crew can have your exterior looking brand-new in as little as a couple of days! An added bonus to this, the short project time will save you money in labor costs.

Give Your Home Beauty That Will Last with Vinyl House Siding

Worrying about how to improve your home’s exterior is a thing of the past. These vinyl house siding benefits will give you peace of mind knowing you’re not only giving your house a facelift, but one that will last.

Ready to get started on your vinyl siding installation? Contact us today for a free estimate!

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