Marble lasts a lifetime with proper maintenance. It's no wonder it's a popular selection among renovators. But with all of the choices available, which is the best option? 

Piedrafina marble is a popular choice due to its eco-friendliness. If you're debating which marble to choose, read on and learn about the additional benefits of Piedrafina marble.

What Is Piedrafina Marble

Piedrafina marble is a form of recycled marble mixed with polyester resin and dyes. This is a type of engineered marble.

While it's 95% natural marble, resin makes up the rest of it. The added resin helps increase the durability of the marble, making it last longer than natural marble with the right care. 

Piedrafina marble is similar to natural marble but less expensive and easier to maintain.

The Benefits of Piedrafina Marble

Choosing Piedrafina marble is a money-saving decision that doesn't sacrifice the quality and look of your renovation. These are the key benefits of Piedrafina marble.

1. Eco-Friendly

Mixed with recycled marble, Piedrafina marble averts wastefulness. This makes it an eco-friendly option. 

Slab remnants make up the recycled marble, and derives from other natural marble projects. This aspect makes Piedrafina marble eco-friendly and cost-effective.

2. Cost-Effective

Natural marble is the priciest marble choice. Piedrafina marble, while partially made of resin, is almost indistinguishable against natural marble.

However, Piedrafina marble is less expensive than its counterpart. This makes it the best option for renovators looking to save money but keeps the aesthetic of natural marble.

3. Consistent Patterns

Since substantial portions of natural marble make up Piedrafina marble, the color and consistency are higher-quality and similar to natural marble. The consistency makes Piedrafina marble almost indistinguishable against higher-quality marble.

4. Durable

Piedrafina marble is more durable than natural marble because of its added resin and sealant. As long as you continuously clean the surface, you can guarantee life-long durability.

5. Expanded Color Palette

You have a wide variety of color and pattern options when it comes to Piedrafina marble. The color and pattern both run deep within the stone, making each aspect more vibrant.

How Piedrafina Marble Compares to Other Options

Piedrafina marble is considered engineered and different from cultured and natural marble. While all three are similar, each has its pros and cons.

Both cultured marble and Piedrafina marble are types of manufactured marble. They're very similar. Piedrafina marble resembles quartz—it's made of crushed marble slabs, making the pattern more consistent. 

Cultured marble is made of marble dust, which creates a pattern that is less consistent throughout the slab. Piedrafina marble tends to be pricier than cultured marble due to its pattern consistency and similarity to natural marble. Natural marble is the most expensive choice of the three.

A sealer is required for Piedrafina marble, as it's more porous than cultured marble. The sealer will help protect it from environmental hazards like heat and stains, but won't make the marble immune to damage.

Like natural marble, Piedrafina marble will degrade with time if not properly cared for. If you don't regularly clean it, the marble won't last. Be sure to use gentle cleansers on your marble to sustain its durability. 

If you're looking for high-quality marble that is less expensive than natural marble, Piedrafina marble is the right choice.

However, consider your tolerance for regular maintenance before choosing this type of marble. If you're willing to stay on top of regular cleanings, your marble will continue looking fresh and clean.

Where to Use Piedrafina Marble

Piedrafina marble is commonly installed in kitchens within countertops and backsplashes. While these are the two common areas where you're most likely to find Piedrafina marble, your home can benefit from it elsewhere, too.

Showers and bathtubs are perfect areas for Piedrafina marble installation. Showers and bathtubs are not high-traffic areas when compared to the average kitchen counter, so you won't deal with as much maintenance.

You can also surround your fireplace with Piedrafina marble, which will instantly add a luxurious touch to your living room.

Like bathtubs and showers, the surroundings of a fireplace are less likely to encounter chemicals or materials that will decrease its lifespan. A low traffic area like this is the perfect spot for Piedrafina marble installation.

Maintaining Piedrafina Marble

As we mentioned earlier, Piedrafina marble needs to be well-maintained on a regular basis. Thankfully, the cleaning process is quite simple.

Typically, a wet washcloth is enough for regular Piedrafina marble maintenance for areas that are not used often. High-traffic areas benefit from daily gentle soap cleaning. Keep this process as part of your daily cleaning schedule to ensure your marble gets the attention it needs.

So, what about significant stains and damage? Don't worry—you're not out of luck in those situations.

For heavy-duty stains, you'll need a heavy-duty cleanser. However, you must avoid harsh chemicals and acids. This will further damage your marble.

A neutral PH cleaner is tough enough to fight deep stains, but gentle enough for Piedrafina marble and natural marble.

Extreme damage is permanent in most cases. But as long as the sealant is still intact, you can repair considerable damage like chips and cracks. Worst case scenario, you will require a marble refinish. 

As long as you take care of your marble, it will last you a very long time.

Renovate With Ease

Home renovation is a lengthy process that requires making many choices. Hopefully, this guide helped you figure out whether Piedrafina marble is the right choice for you. 

Thankfully, you have resources available to you that make renovating easier. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and kick start your renovation process.

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