Has your siding begun to sag? Is your home starting to look like a caricature from a sad cartoon?

If you need new siding, you will quickly discover that not all siding is made the same. You will have a choice of wood siding, vinyl siding, and now, even fiber cement siding. 

An even then, not all fiber cement siding is made the same. A quick search will lead you to James Hardie siding when you're looking at fiber cement siding. But you have another option. 

Allura siding is a type of fiber cement siding that many homeowners are choosing. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Allura siding. 

What Is Allura Siding? 

Allura siding is a type of fiber cement siding. Many homeowners are beginning to opt for this premium fiber cement siding because of its abundance of texture, color, and profile options. You can make your home look unique when choosing Allura siding. 

Fiber cement siding is a type of siding made from cement and cellulose fibers. Manufacturers create this composite material to withstand the elements that have long hampered traditional siding. 

Allura is a specialized type of fiber cement siding. It's known for its traditional, horizontal lap siding. This siding looks like wood but does not behave like wood in that it resists warping, peeling, and splintering. 

Furthermore, Allura has more than just horizontal siding. You can purchase shingle siding and shaker siding that is becoming so popular in modern homes today.

So you no longer have to just settle for the horizontal vinyl siding or run the risks that come with the beautiful wood siding. Allura siding has more durability than vinyl and wood but the beauty of the traditional wood siding. 

Allura Siding Pros

If you're interested in a siding that will last longer and give you a variety of style options, Allura siding should be on your list of possibilities. Here are some of the Allura siding benefits that will make you lean toward this unique fiber cement siding. 


The advanced formula that Allura manufacturers use gives this fiber cement siding a durable finish compared to its competitors. Allura partners with PPG Paints in its ColorMax Finishing System to create a colored siding that will resist fading and all of the other wear and tear that Mother Nature throws at it. 

You also receive a wide array of colors to choose from when you select Allura siding. Machines apply several coats of ColorMax color consistently over the siding during the finishing process. You receive lanks, shingles, shakes, trim, and architectural panels all with consistent color coverage. 

Manufacturers also seal the end of each piece of siding to provide maximum resistance to bad weather, as well as the impact that siding must ensure. The sealant penetrates the boards and then bonds with the material to protect the fiber cement siding from moisture. You will notice beads of water on the siding because it resists moisture during inclement weather. 

Owners of high-end homes prefer Allura siding over other fiber cement siding because of its durability.

Wide Color Palette

Allura gives you a variety of color choices, even more than what James Hardie siding provides. You will have 22 solid colors and six stain colors to pick from, all with the advanced technology mentioned above that keeps your siding protected. 

Design Choices

Allura offers architectural panels and not just basic siding. These architectural panels have unique and beautiful design choices, making your home stand out in a good way. 

The panels fit neatly together without visible fasteners, increasing the curb appeal of your home. Furthermore, Allura designed the panels to drain water away from your home, making it both beautiful and functional. 


Allura offers a 50-year limited transferable product warranty on its fiber cement siding. The ColorMax Solid Colors and Stains come with a 15-year limited coating warranty as well. In comparison, James Hardie offers only a 30-year warranty. 

Environmentally Friendly

Allura cares about sustainability, and thus it gives you the chance to lower your environmental footprint when you side your home. Allura siding is a green material, using 30 percent recycled fly ash as a binder on the boards. Fly ash would typically end up in a landfill, but Allura has found a way to make productive use of it. 

Allura also prides itself on using recycled water as well as recycled waste during its manufacturing process. 

Increased Choices for Shingle and Shaker Siding

Allura offers a great variety of styles for both shingle and shaker siding compared to similar brands. You can choose from one of three textures and one of five styles. 

Allura offers the following styles of shingle and shaker siding: 

  • Staggered edge
  • Octagons
  • Half rounds
  • Straight edge
  • Perfection shingles

They also offer traditional cedar, combed, and rustic cedar texture. You end up with the durability of fiber cement siding with the look of traditional wood siding. 

Allura uses a deep embossing process to transfer a wood-grain pattern to the siding. The manufacturer uses real cedar boards for the pattern. Few boards have duplicated patterns, giving the siding a real wood look. 

Allura Siding Cons

Allura siding has very few cons, but the downsides do exist. Allura has not been making fiber cement siding as long as many of the other companies on the market today. Their newness makes them a bit of a risk. 

With that said, Allura stands behind its product. They believe in it enough to offer a 50-year warranty. 

Side With Allura

If you're looking at fiber cement siding, take a look at Allura siding. The company produces durable, beautiful siding in a variety of styles. They have a solid warranty for a solid product. 

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