Do you want a more functional and beautiful kitchen, but you're not sure where to start? These kitchen remodeling trends in Roseville, CA may give you some ideas on where to start! From repainting your cabinets to investing in new countertop materials, these trends are able to match any kind of budget. 

It's important to remember that you don't have to break the bank in order to achieve the look of your dreams. With this in mind, read on to discover the top seven Roseville kitchen remodeling trends!

1. Cabinets Colors

When it comes to kitchen remodeling trends, repainting your cabinets is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to completely change up the look of your kitchen. All-white cabinets are kitchens are less popular now; the trend is instead moving towards dark jewel tones such as black, navy, green, and plum. 

These dark colors help break up flat-looking kitchens by adding dimension and drama through these darker colors. They create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere that all-white or gray kitchens simply can't emulate. Both large and small kitchens can benefit from these dark cabinet colors with the right hardware and counter materials and colors. 

2. Goodbye Granite

Granite was popular all throughout the housing boom in the 2000s because of its popularity with builders. As homeowners noticed more and more new homes with granite countertops, it soon became a desired material. However, there's been a slow and steady decline in the purchase of granite and far more interest in quartz. 

This may be because quartz has a far more minimalistic aesthetic that people are more drawn to, as granite can tend to look noisy and chaotic with its natural variations. The soft and neutral colors of quartz also make more sense as a juxtaposition against dark cabinet colors. 

3. Single-Level Kitchen Islands

Trends in kitchen remodeling tend to veer towards large, open kitchens with an island, but the trend has become even more specific with single-level islands.

These kitchen islands are multipurpose because they often merge into the living room and the usual "entertaining space." This means that with an ample amount of cabinetry below and stools on one side, the kitchen island becomes a hub for family and home life. 

Kitchen islands with two levels don't provide as smooth a transition in comparison. They also don't look as dramatic as an eye-catching centerpiece to the kitchen. 

4. Full Backsplashes

We're seeing that kitchens are becoming simplistic in design aesthetic with pops of eye-catching design elements, and the trend continues with a move towards full-height backsplashes.

Unlike the standard four-inch backsplash that you probably grew up with, these full backsplashes can rise all the way to the ceiling. They often come in dramatic patterns or are made of solid granite or quartz, like the countertops.

These dramatic backsplashes create another beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen. Even better, they also function as a way to protect the walls from cooking spills and water droplets.

5. Minimalistic Aesthetic

Farmhouse kitchens with rustic decor elements don't lend themselves well to a simplistic or minimalistic atmosphere. Home remodelers in Roseville CA are moving away from these kitchens and instead embracing a more timeless minimalistic aesthetic. This means an emphasis on simple lines and shapes that aren't crowded by too many decorative elements. Here are a few elements we're seeing in these minimalistic kitchens: 

  • Faucets with all the mechanical elements hidden
  • Non-elaborate hardware and cabinet pulls
  • Quartz vs granite countertops
  • Statement pieces
  • Sleek appliances

The goal of this design aesthetic is to make kitchens appear to be more peaceful and tranquil. Since many of us spend the majority of our lives in the kitchen with our family, this makes sense. 

6. Smart Kitchens

Smart technology has become more mainstream and is quickly becoming one of the top kitchen remodeling ideas. From Google Nest to Amazon Echo, smart technology is becoming far more accessible for people of all budgets. People are incorporating more of this technology in their kitchens in order to make their lives easier and the kitchen function better. 

Smart technology can be as simple as faucets that turn on automatically when they sense that your hands are near. There are lighting systems that can sense when you walk into a room or that can be controlled through your phone. Homeowners can even purchase fridges that can sense when you're getting low on groceries. 

7. Beautiful Storage Solutions

With the advent of smart technology, people are putting in more of an effort in creating functional kitchens that are also beautiful. This is why finding functional storage solutions is another burgeoning Roseville kitchen remodeling trend. There's a whole range of kitchen storage options and tools that include: 

  • Baskets
  • Dividers 
  • Corner shelves
  • Matching food storage containers
  • Under-cabinet organizers
  • And more

People are always finding ways to store common items such as spices and canned food in order to make their cabinets more functional and attractive at the same time. They're utilizing jars and handmade labels. 

8. Mixed Metals

Last but not least, people aren't afraid of using different metals in their kitchens now. For instance, a mixture of gold and aged brass can give kitchens more dimension and add a new level of sophistication to the space.

Homeowners have the option of choosing different metals depending on the area in their kitchen. For instance, a stainless steel oven hood and gold light fixtures. However, it's important to remember to only choose two or three metals and strive to make the look consistent.  

Instant Inspiration: Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Roseville, CA

You can see how these kitchen remodeling trends in Roseville, CA all have one detail in common. Homeowners are moving towards minimalistic, functional kitchens that have a little more drama than you're typical farmhouse or all-white kitchen.

By painting with deep jewel colors, creating dramatic centerpieces with single-level islands, and catching the eye with full backsplashes, these kitchens are meant to be the hub of the home. 

Even better, the move towards smart kitchens and organized pantries makes the kitchen easier to use and keep tidy throughout the day.

Ready to begin your own kitchen transformation? Contact us today for a free in-home consultation!  

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