Did you know that a bathroom remodel can give resale returns of up to 67 percent to your home? Your bathroom should reflect your style and tastes. A remodeling project can help you achieve the comfort and tranquility you need in a bathroom.

A poorly designed bathroom may attract clutter and cause accessibility issues. You also risk contracting waterborne infections if your bathroom design doesn't meet modern hygiene standards.

Your bathroom's appeal can increase with careful planning, the right remodeling contractors, and sustainable design. The remodel will feature a color scheme or pattern to make the space more attractive.

Here are seven crucial points to consider in your Sacramento bathroom remodeling project.

Type of Bathroom

Modern residential bathrooms vary in layouts, sizes, and shapes to cater to homeowners' diverse needs. You may opt for a standard bathroom, half-bath, or wet bathroom in your upcoming remodeling project.

A standard bathroom or full bath features a bath, shower, toilet, and sink as the basic amenities. You may add luxurious amenities such as a soaking tub and skylights to a standard bath to improve its appeal.

A half bath is usually smaller than a full bath and has only a toilet and a sink. You may build a half bath in your guest rooms to take pressure off your full bath. This type of bathroom will require way fewer materials and costs to set up on your property.

A wet bathroom is a full bath with waterproof walls, cabinets, and floor. The shower of a wet room isn't behind a curtain or in a separate compartment like most full baths. Though they cost more, wet bathrooms make great use of space and are more durable.

Bathroom Layout

Consider the size and shape of your current bathroom area when choosing a layout. If you like the position of the amenities in your bathroom, you may keep the existing structure to save costs. However, if the current design isn't functional, you may re-imagine it into something elegant.

Consult an architect for modern bathroom designs that you can implement in your home. Reach out to an interior designer for help on maximizing the space in your bathroom to fit your needs.

Think about making all amenities in the bathroom more accessible to the users. Add adequate storage cabinets or drawers to declutter the space. You should also hire a structural engineer to inspect water damage in your demolished bathroom.

Materials and Costs

Choose durable materials for the bathroom remodeling in Sacramento to cut maintenance costs. Natural stone would work well if you want to create a formal and sophisticated feel in the space. You may also consider tiles for their durability, friendly prices, and ability to cope with wet conditions.

Don’t use hardwood on surfaces that interact with water since wood holds water and may attract mold. A wallpaper may bring elegance to your bathroom if installed away from splashing water.

Create a budget for the remodeling project by considering what you can afford and the cost of the materials. You should factor in the intensity of the project and whether you would like to sell your house in the future.

Lighting and Colors

Add windows to your bathroom to bring more natural light for an airier and brighter feel. Your mirror should have a natural lighting scheme around it to give true representations of your skin tone. Your shower area should have adequate access to light to improve your bathing experiences.

Artificial lighting fixtures can complement the natural light when it's dark outside. Install recessed LED lights with a dimmer switch for an ambient feel. Avoid overhead lighting fixtures since they may cast unpleasant shadows on your face.

Your bathroom's color scheme will depend on the type of feel you want to create. Use colors like blue-green, yellow, gray, pink, and black to make a bold statement. Deep hues can help you create an element of drama and a sense of comfort in your bathroom.


Adequate ventilation fixtures can help reduce dampness and mold growth in your bathroom. Opt for windows like an awning, casement, and double-hung windows for your bathroom for their ease of use. You may install obscure decorative glass on your bathroom windows for a touch of style and privacy.

Invest in a window vacuum cleaner if you have wooden bathroom windows to suck up moisture from them. You should also get an exhaust fan that fits your bathroom fan to get rid of odors and boost airflow.


The main plumbing fixtures for a bathroom include a tub, shower, sink, and toilet. Others include showerheads and energy-efficient faucets.

A standard bathroom will need up to five water lines to be functional. These lines include a hot and cold water line for the shower, bathtub, and sink and a cold water line to serve the toilet. Flexible water lines from the hot and cold water lines are also needed to serve the sink and bathtub faucets.

A good plumbing system in your bathroom will improve the water pressure and help you save utility costs. You risk having sluggish drains, odd sounds from the faucets, and unpleasant smells from the drains if you neglect plumbing in the remodeling project.

Remodeling Contractors

Your bathroom remodeling Sacramento project will require expert assistance from electricians, decorators, builders, and plumbers. Choose bathroom remodeling companies based on credible recommendations and proof of quality workmanship. The technician should also have an insurance policy to cover any liabilities related to the project.

Obtain multiple bids from different contractors to get the best price and contract terms for the project. Find out the duration the remodel will take and whether the materials come with a warranty.

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A Sacramento bathroom remodeling project can improve the feel and look of your bathroom. You also get to design a space for unwinding and embrace eco-friendly practices in your home. Plan your next bathroom remodel with the tips discussed above for excellent outcomes.

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