If you're looking for real stone, granite, or marble wall panels for a bathtub or wall surrounds, then this Sentrel shower review is perfect for you. Using Sentrel, a revolutionary scratch-resistant composite wall surround system for bathrooms; you can achieve the appearance of genuine stone without the high price tag or grout issues commonly associated with granite and marble and you can easily find it in Sacramento.

Here's a detailed Sentrel shower review for your guidance. This Sentrel shower review discusses the benefits of Sentrel bath systems and why you should use it.

Today, Sentrel bath systems are being hailed as the best-looking and most functional wet-wall tub and shower wall solution in the market. Because of developments in digital imaging, the stone-like appearance of Sentrel may now be achieved.

To address the demand for a long-term and maintenance-free alternative to genuine stone and marble in wet-wall bathroom applications, Sentrel is a distinct, multilayered compound. Sentrel provides a flawless, visually solid reproduction of actual stone slab samples in various patterns and colors.

How And Where May This Material Be Put To Use?

Bathroom walls, shower wall panels, bench seats, and bathtubs are among the most frequent usage—basically, any location where you want to create a fashionable surface that comes into touch with water.

Why Install Sentrel Bath Systems?

In this Sentrel shower review, you’ll learn why you must install this system. For a long time, wet-wall bathrooms have relied on stone and granite as their primary building materials. However, these surfaces can get stained or cracked and are challenging to repair. Sentrel is a composite material composed of layers that provide long-term durability in a beautiful package that requires little to no maintenance.

Simple to clean

The non-porous nature of these solid bath wall panels is one of its many advantages. Bacteria and germs can't establish a home or develop since it's non-porous. Because these surfaces are smooth, cleaning Sentrel bath systems is a breeze. Soap scum mold and mildew cannot take root on natural stone, which must be dried and thoroughly cared for after each usage.

Sentrel Bath Systems Are Maintenance-Free

These bathroom wall panels are maintenance-free for the life of the property. If you've ever had to deal with a tiled shower floor, you know how important this is. Regular resealing and regrouting of tile and replacement every 10–15 years necessitate a significant investment in both time and money.

A Long-Lasting Appearance

Solid bath wall panels are resistant to scratches, stains, and discoloration. It is assured to last for the whole life of the house because of all of these properties. Through this Sentrel shower review, you’ll know that Sentrel bath systems are worth investing in because they save time and money.


This Sentrel shower review highlights that installing a new bath or shower system doesn't necessitate extensive remodeling of your bathroom. Customizable solid wall surfaces are available. As a result, it may be customized to match the dimensions of the existing tub or shower. There is no need to demolish any barriers.

A walk-in shower that replaces your old tub can have its solid walls tailored to match the existing tub space if that's something you're considering as well. Safeguards like grab bars and shower benches can be installed in a walk-in shower with a solid wall. People who are older or have physical limitations might benefit significantly from these kinds of security measures.

Fast & Adaptable Installation - Sentrel Bath Systems

Shower or tub areas with solid walls may be installed in as little as three days and require no maintenance or cleaning. It appears and feels like natural stone but without care. The best part is that it's inexpensive, adaptable, and easy to set up.

What Are The Available Sentrel Wall Surround Options?

More than two dozen natural stone designs may be found in Sentrel. For example, Breshia Paradiso and Mocha Travertine are two of the most popular.

Is It Possible To Put Sentrel Bath Systems Over Existing Tiles? Is It Possible To Put It Over A Fiberglass Shower/Tub Unit?

As long as the old tile walls are not moist, spongy, or bent, Sentrel can be put over them to save time and money. Existing fiberglass one-piece units can't be used with this material. Thus they must be demolished before the Sentrel walls can be put up.

A moderate winter and dry summer are typical of Sacramento's Mediterranean climate and low humidity is expected in the region, so it's essential to see which option is suitable for your wall surrounds.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the bathroom renovation process that many homeowners don't understand. Even though it's one of the smallest rooms in your house, Bathroom renovation is one of the most challenging home remodeling jobs.

You and your shower remodeling contractor will face considerable challenges if you and your contractor decide to alter the tiles, rebuild the plumbing, fix the walls, and install appliances in a bathroom less than 500 square feet in size.

When remodeling your bathroom, the size of your bathroom and the materials you pick for wall surrounds significantly impact the cost. Both in terms of price and timeline, you must remain adaptable throughout the remodeling process to be successful.

If you live in a great place in Sacramento, then each corner of your house, including your bathroom, should be equally stunning as well. A well-done bathroom renovation enhances the beauty of your home and provides you with a sense of well-being. The wall surrounds of your bathroom are distinct from those of other rooms in the house.

As long as the space is dry, any form of wall covering can be used to decorate it. Wallcoverings for kitchens, despite the fact that they are generally dry, are virtually limitless. This is made feasible by the use of backsplashes in kitchens. When it comes to restrooms, there is water coming from every angle. The walls and wall surrounds of a bathroom are devastated by showers and damp air. Even in restrooms that are well-ventilated, moisture may still build up.

Other than giving you a Sentrel shower review, we have listed some other options you can explore and find in Sacramento to use for bathroom wall surrounds:

Wallpaper Made Of Vinyl

Wallpaper with a vinyl coating, easily found anywhere in Sacramento, is one of the more practical solutions for bathroom walls (all-paper coverings will degrade in the moist environment). However, if the thought of 100% vinyl wallpaper conjures up images of a hotel, reconsider.

In the past several decades, vinyl wallpaper has matured into a stylish wall option. Beautiful vinyl wallpapers from retailers like Tempaper may be found in houses featured in design and shelter magazines.

Only use peelable vinyl wallpaper if your existing wall surface can do so. Peelable vinyl wallpaper will not adhere to matte, flat, or rough surfaces since it is less adhesive than permanent wallpaper. For indirect dampness, vinyl wallpaper is the best choice. Use a surface that covers the lowest portion of the walls.

Vinyl wallpaper has the advantage of allowing you to see how it looks before you commit to using it. Stick a roll or a sample up in the room to see what it looks like. Bathrooms with busy designs will appear smaller than they are. With verticals, the space seems higher and more spacious.

Standard Interior Paint Or Semi-Gloss Bathroom Paint

Ordinary interior paint may be used for a bathroom since it has certain qualities that make it more appropriate. Matte or flat surface paint is the most important thing to avoid with conventional interior paint because it traps water in its pores. Water beads up on semi-gloss or high-gloss surfaces, which is a tried-and-true method of avoiding this problem. But premium paints with mold-killing ingredients allow you to have those coveted flatter sheens in the bathroom. You can easily buy interior paint from the market in Sacramento.

The most appealing aspect about painting your bathroom wall surrounds the low cost. Interior paint in eggshell or semi-gloss finishes is a good value. It is a lot less expensive than wallpaper, tile, or other hard surfaces, even if it costs twice as much as ordinary acrylic-latex interior paint.

Glass or Ceramic Tile

A ceramic tile is a popular option in the bathroom, and it's readily available in Sacramento. As long as the tile is installed correctly, moisture will never be an issue. Tile has been utilized on wet surfaces throughout history, such as bathtubs, wall surrounds, and pools' interiors.

Your primary focus should be on the aesthetics of the final product. Grout means lines since it appears on every tile surface. A bathroom's look might be improved or harmed by using lines. When a room has too many tiles, the effect makes the area feel hectic, dreary, and even gloomy. Wall tiling is a reasonable middle ground. Wainscoting made of ceramic tile is typically 36 to 38 inches wide, with certain exceptions.


Tileboard has the appearance of ceramic tile at first glance. Tileboard's large format panels make it possible to quickly and easily cover 32 square feet of wall space with a covering that resembles tile. Tileboard can easily be brought from any reliable place in Sacramento.

The worn surface of a better tileboard is coated, making it more resistant to moisture. Because of its low price and ease of installation, tileboard is ideal for a bathroom in the basement or guest bathroom. Even though tileboard is a low-cost option, it contributes nothing to the long-term worth of your property.

Hope this Sentrel shower review was helpful. Through this Sentrel shower review you’ll be able to get complete knowledge about Sentrel bath systems.

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