Has the look of your bathroom grown a little stale? Looking for a way to freshen it up? Then you've come to the right place.

We're going to provide you with a collection of bathroom remodeling ideas. We hope that these ideas will inspire you to great things. Without further ado, here are some inspiring Roseville bathroom remodeling ideas. 

Incorporate Metal Elements

Growing more and more popular in bathrooms is the use of metal components. By incorporating metal components into your bathroom design, you can provide it with a feeling of modernity and luxury. 

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate metal. You could invest in a metal bathtub. You could mount a metal-trimmed mirror. You could even paint the walls with metallic paint. 

Currently, it's popular to contrast metals with other materials. So, you might use a tile shower wall while painting your ceiling with metallic paint, for instance. The key is to not oversaturate the room with metal but to use it as an accent. 

Add LED Lighting

Not satisfied with the lighting in your bathroom? Hoping to save a little money on electrical bills? If so, you should consider adding LED lights. 

LED lights are much more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting. Not to mention, they last longer, providing more bang for their buck over time. 

Additionally, they can allow for several different design elements. Since these lights are available in a variety of different colors, they can transform the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. 

Place them behind your mirrors, under your vanities, into the walls of your shower, and otherwise. Use them not only for ambient lighting but for accent lighting as well. 

And if you need help incorporating light into your bathroom, call up your local home remodeling company. They'll be able to brainstorm ideas with you until you've come up with something you enjoy. 

Give It Some Curve

If you walk into most bathrooms, you'll notice that their components have a squared and boxy appearance. There's nothing wrong with this. It's just that it's grown a bit boring over the years. 

That's why, these days, more and more homeowners are opting to add some curve to their bathrooms. Either they're installing curved faucets or mounting curved vanities or buying curved bathtubs or otherwise. In doing so, they're creating softer and more pleasant atmospheres for their respective bathrooms. 

So, if you're looking to make small, nuanced changes to your bathroom, adding some curve could hit the spot. You only need to do it to a few different components, and the look of your bathroom will be transformed. Call up your local shower remodeling company to discuss your options. 

Try a Freestanding Tub

Over the last 40 years or so, alcove tubs and other wall-mounted models have ruled the proverbial roost. The freestanding tub was considered a relic, something to be left in the past. 

But all of that has changed in recent years. These days, more and more homeowners are opting for freestanding tubs, using them to bring new depth and dimension to their bathrooms. 

If you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you should consider a freestanding tub. A freestanding tub will adorn your bathroom with a touch of the past, giving it a vintage feel. 

Try Stylized Tile Flooring

Over the past decade, bathrooms have been characterized by neutral-colored floors. They're either white vinyl, gray cement, or black stone, or something similar. But in 2020, that's changing. 

Nowadays, more and more homeowners are stylizing their floors, making use of intricately-designed tiles. In doing so, they're creating a wilder aesthetic, one that instantly stimulates the brain. 

There are all sorts of flooring tiles out there. So, regardless of the design you're looking for, there is a tile that will accommodate you.

Browse through your options and determine whether colorful tile flooring is right for you. It could be the exact element you're looking for. 

Install a Window With Tint Capabilities

One of the coolest new features on the home remodeling market is the self-tenting window. This is a window that, when touched, electronically alters its appearance to take on a tinted aesthetic. In essence, it's two windows in one. 

You could install one of these windows in your bathroom to act as a view into the outside world. This would enable you to, say, take a bath while looking out at the sunset. However, once you were done with that bath, you could quickly tint the window by touching it, providing you with immediate privacy. 

You could also install these windows above your shower, to the side of your shower, and anywhere else where you would like a better view into the outdoor area. Your local home remodeling company can help you with ideas. 

Update Your Sink

The bathroom sink doesn't tend to receive a lot of consideration. In fact, it almost seems like it's thrown in as an afterthought. But what you might not realize is that there are all kinds of interesting sinks available for your bathroom. 

There are bowl sinks, trough sinks, double sinks, recessed sinks, and more. Research your options and determine whether a sink update would be a good choice for your bathroom. 

Mount Your Vanity

One last idea is to mount your vanity. Take it 2 to 3 feet off the ground, attach it to the wall, and leave substantial empty space underneath it. Not only will this add to the aesthetic of your bathroom, but it will also leave you with tons of storage space. 

You can use this storage space to store additional trash cans as well as towel racks and bathroom amenities. 

Ready to Facilitate These Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Roseville CA?

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