A bathroom renovation is an expensive affair, so homeowners try to cut costs wherever they can. Choosing shower walls over ceramic tiles is one of the best ways to save money. Are you interested in knowing about multiple types of shower panels, the different materials, and so on?

The most comprehensive guide to help you understand what shower panels are made of and how shower panels compare to ceramic tiles.

Shower Wall Panels Sacramento

The shower wall is an interlocking waterproof sheet that comes in many colors and materials. The original purpose of shower wall panels was to safe showerheads and rawhide plumbing pipes, but they are now much more prominent in bathroom renovations.

These modern shower walls give the shower and the luxury tub walls a sleek look, and they're becoming a popular alternative to waterproof tiles.

Shower panels are faster and easier to install than tiles since they don't need much skill. It's much faster than laying each tile one by one to stick these large sheets to the wall and seal around the edges instead of cutting them to size.

You do not need to worry about removing existing tiles before installing shower wall panels since they can generally be installed over them. As soon as the edges are sealed, the edges are ready for use, so you are not forced to wait to dry before taking a bath or shower.

Depending on the tiles' level, you can even mount some shower wall panels on them!

Material Wall Panels Made Of

Shower walls come in various materials, but we'd recommend composite panels with a PVC backing, acrylic, high-pressure laminate with MDF cores, or high-grade fiber.

Wall panels for the shower come in a selection of custom sizes too. It is easy to cover the trim’s top and side, and also the corner shelves, and the back wall trim. And almost everything, all the way down to the ground on the shower surrounding wall.

The Best Shower Wall Finishes Sacramento

Here is a list of some top finishes you can get for shower walls. Consider your bathroom's color palette and unique design elements when picking a shower curtain. You don't only want your bathroom to stand out, but make it functional too.

Super Stylish, Natural Stone Finish

Wall panels like, marble, granite and stone tiles are a big hit with people. Even though these panels look like natural stone, they're much convenient to maintain, clean, and install than natural stone.

Gloss finish

If you want a shiny shower area, go with glossy elegant finish shower panels. There are a lot of colors to choose from when it comes to shiny finish shower panels.

Wavy tile finish

Wavy tiles look like subway tiles, with faux grout lines just like subway tiles. There's just one difference, though: the wavy finish you can run horizontally or vertically in the shower.

Subway tile finish

Shower wall panels with subway tile finishes have a polished tile look, complete with faux grout lines. It's perfect if you like the classic tiles shower area look.

Matte finish

Matte finish shower wall panels are perfect for someone who wants a darker shower area. Matte finishes come in lots of colors, and are attained by casually sanding them and then putting a permanent sealant on them.


You can buy wall panels off-the-shelf that come with all proper installation instructions, necessary trims, and sealant. It saves you money a lot of money in Sacramento!

Shower Wall Panels Are Better Than Tiles

Let's look at a few advantages and disadvantages of both.

Traditional bathroom tiles are smaller than shower wall panels. Hundreds of tiles could be covered by a few panels. 

The shower panels stick to any solid surface with no grouting needed. You don't have to worry about ceramic tiles breaking.

The grout in tiled walls makes them hard to clean. In contrast, you can easily clean shower wall panels with an antiseptic spray and a cloth.

The panels have a shelf life of about 15 years. You'd be better off with a skilfully tiled shower wall.

Modern, contemporary showers look great with shower panels, but traditional bathrooms look better with ceramic tiles.

What to Choose

So there you go! If you're searching for the best shower wall panels, we've got the lowdown. Pick what works the excellent for you depending on what kind of fixtures you want to install, what kind of bathroom design you want, and what kind of budget you have.

The Best Wall Panels That Make a World of Difference

You'll feel like you have a whole new shower when you replace your walls. You can turn a boring shower into a spa-like one by simply changing the panels.

With GVD Renovations, you'll get a fast, affordable, and hassle-free renovation. Get in touch with us today to see what options you have for shower wall panels.

Choose From a Curated Collection

GVD Renovations has the right materials for you, whether you want a minimalist shower or something that looks like a luxury spa. Our collection caters to various design preferences, price ranges, and maintenance levels. Let our experts help you choose materials.

Why Choose Us?

Cost – Effective

GVD Renovations has fast and hassle-free installation that saves you money on installation costs.

Seamless Feature Walls

Our technology creates a seamless, almost invisible joint with our mechanical locking system. 

Waterproof System

GVD Renovations is the ultimate in bathroom wall panelling. With an impressive watertight finish, your house will look beautiful and perform impeccably against the rigors of everyday life.


Shower walls, bath splashbacks, and even sink surroundings can be made from wall panels. Our wall panels can be cut to size and come in different sizes, including full-height shower panels. In addition to being customizable, they can be installed in any bathroom, making them an ideal choice for homes. 

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