Blind corner cabinets, sometimes referred simply as "blind cabinets," can often be seen as a puzzle inside home improvement projects. Their unique design presents an interesting challenge for both homeowners and interior designers, but fear not! This article will serve as an comprehensive guide to understanding and making the most of your blind corner cabinet.

Decoding the Blind Corner Cabinet

A blind corner cabinet is a cabinet positioned at the corner between two sets of cabinets, where part of one cabinet's contents is not easily visible or reachable. The interesting part about this little corner of the kitchen is that it's typically larger than it appears. This means you get more storage space than you initially see.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Blind Corner Cabinet

It's crucial to understand the structure and operation of a blind corner cabinet. Primarily, it is divided into two sections:

  • The Shorter Visible Section: This part is the visible shelf that is easily accessible when you open the cabinet door.
  • The Deeper Hidden Section: This is the larger piece of the cabinet, hiding in the blind corner and is not directly reachable.

These two sections combined give you much more space than a straightforward cabinet, making the blind corner cabinet a valuable player in your kitchen game.

Different Types of Blind Corner Cabinets

Understanding the primary types of the blind corner cabinet will help you in selecting the best one for your needs.

  • Half-Moon Lazy Susan: Shelves pivot and pull out from the cabinet for easy access to the items stored.
  • ‘Magic Corner': The front section is attached to the door, and the back section can be hauled out into the open when the door is opened.
  • Drawer Systems: Consists of two or more drawers that slide out individually.

Enhancing Your Blind Corner Cabinet: Some Tips

Here are several tips to make the most of your blind corner cabinet:

  • Choose the right pull-outs: Pull-outs can be a game changer in increasing ease of access and the convenience of storing items.
  • Use Light Bars: Including light bars in your cabinet may deal with visibility issues the blind corner presents.
  • Consider Customization: Manufacturers can customize your blind corner cabinet according to your specific requirements.

Installation Points to Consider

Installation of your blind corner cabinet could greatly affect its utility. Consider these points when installing:

  • Ensure ample clearance: Without proper clearance, accessing items will be difficult and may lead to damages.
  • Check for hardware issues: After installation, check for any discrepancies or circuit interruptions in the operation of the pull-out mechanism.
  • Have a sturdier shelf: For heavy appliances, having durable shelf material is essential.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

Any piece of hardware requires regular maintenance to last, and the same goes for the blind corner cabinet.

Cleaning it periodically, addressing any hardware issues, especially regarding the pull-out mechanism, and ensuring that the weight distribution is not causing any issues, will guarantee that your blind corner cabinet remains an efficient and effective part of your kitchen for a long time.

Ongoing Care for Your Blind Corner Cabinet

Preserving the quality and efficiency of your blind corner cabinet involves ongoing care. This involves routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning, checking for hardware issues, and managing the weight distribution across the shelves.

Blind corner cabinets may initially seem tricky and puzzling, but with the right knowledge and hand, they can become an integral and valuable part of your kitchen. Hopefully, this detailed guide has helped you in understanding these components better and assists you in making informed choices regarding your cabinets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blind Corner Cabinets

What differentiates blind corner cabinets from regular corner cabinets?

A blind corner cabinet is a cabinet that is designed to fit into a corner but has one part hidden, forming a 'blind corner', hence the name. The main difference from regular corner cabinets lies in the invisible section that can only be accessed when the front cabinet door is opened. This design seeks to maximize available corner space in a kitchen or room setting.

What are some of the different types of blind corner cabinets?

There are different types of blind corner cabinets, usually depending on the specific functionalities and accessibility options incorporated in the design. Some common types include pull-out blind corner cabinets, rotating shelf blind corner cabinets, and splay corner cabinets. These variations offer unique ways to access the otherwise hard-to-reach blind corner.

Can I have a custom-built blind corner cabinet?

Yes, you absolutely can have a custom-built blind corner cabinet. The benefit of custom-built options is that they can be tailored to suit your specific needs, desired style, material, and dimensions. It is advisable to consult with a skilled carpenter or cabinet maker to explore your options further.

Are there ways to optimize the use of my blind corner cabinet?

While the inaccessibility of the blind corner in these cabinets can be frustrating, there are several ways to optimize the use of your cabinet. Some solutions include installing a Lazy Susan, a pullout drawer system, or even a swing-out system to enhance access to this corner. These accessories can drastically improve the functionality of your blind corner cabinet.

How can I choose the right blind corner cabinet for my kitchen?

Choosing the right blind corner cabinet depends largely on your kitchen layout, space availability, storage needs, and personal style. Consider the amount of space you have for the cabinet and the best access method for you. Also, keep in mind your kitchen's overall design aesthetics when choosing the style and finish of your blind corner cabinet.

Does every kitchen need a blind corner cabinet?

While blind corner cabinets are a great way to maximize corner space, they are not necessarily a must-have for every kitchen. The need for a blind corner cabinet varies based on individual kitchen layouts and storage needs. Larger kitchens may have enough space without needing to utilize the corners. However, for smaller kitchens, blind corner cabinets can be incredibly beneficial.

Can blind corner cabinets be installed in other rooms apart from the kitchen?

Yes, definitely. Blind corner cabinets are not only limited to kitchen spaces. They can be installed in any room where there's a need for additional storage, and corner space can be effectively utilized. They can be very practical in areas like the bathroom, laundry room, or even your home office.

Pros and Cons of Blind Corner Cabinets

Pros of Blind Corner Cabinets

Space Usage

  • Blind corner cabinets can maximize your kitchen space. These types of cabinets typically extend far into the corner of the room, utilizing what would otherwise be wasted space.
  • Blind corner cabinets are ideal for larger kitchen items which aren’t frequently used, as the deep shelves provide abundant storage space.

Justifiable Cost

  • Though blind corner cabinets can be more costly compared to other cabinet types, their extensive storage capacity often justifies the cost.
  • Blind corner cabinets are long-lasting and resilient, therefore, they can offset their initial cost over time by avoiding the need for replacements or repairs.

Wide Variety of Options

  • Blind corner cabinets come in a range of designs, colors, and materials, which makes it easy to match them with the rest of your kitchen décor.
  • Given the increasing popularity of these cabinets, manufacturers are continually coming up with innovative designs and configurations catering to different needs and preferences.

Cons of Blind Corner Cabinets


  • One of the main disadvantages of blind corner cabinets is that they can be difficult to access. The deep shelves, while they offer extensive storage, can also make it challenging to reach items stored at the back.
  • Without the addition of special hardware or pull-out mechanisms, retrieving items from a blind corner cabinet can be inconvenient and frustrating.

Higher Cost

  • While the cost of blind corner cabinets can be justified by their utility and durability, they are generally more expensive upfront compared to standard cabinets. This could be a major con for people working on a tight budget.
  • Also, adding pull-out mechanisms or other accessibility features to your blind corner cabinet may add to the total cost.

Limited Lighting

  • Without appropriate lighting inside or above, the deep corners of these cabinets may be quite dark, making it difficult to spot items stored within.
  • It may require additional lighting solutions like installing individual battery-operated lights, which could add to the overall expense.

Installation Complexity

  • Blind corner cabinets need exact fitting and installation, which could be a complex task given their unique shape and position in the kitchen.
  • They generally require professional installation, which could increase the overall expense and timeline of your kitchen renovation project.


The blind corner cabinet is a practical solution for many kitchens. There is always a tricky corner in every kitchen and the use of a blind corner cabinet helps to utilize this space efficiently. An added advantage is that it also gives a neat and smooth look to your kitchen. Not only does it cater to your storage needs but it also adds value to the overall appearance.

A blind corner cabinet is a versatile piece of kitchen furniture that can efficiently turn awkward corner spaces into functional storage. This cabinet makes use of all the available space and yet remains unobtrusive. With a variety of styles and designs accessible in the market, it has transformed into a favorite among homeowners looking to organize their kitchen spaces better.

We can't deny the importance of a well-designed kitchen and a blind corner cabinet is a key component. Regardless of the kitchen size, it plays a significant role in space utilization. It can turn an unused corner into a valuable storage space, making it an essential part of any modern kitchen design. Available in different materials and designs, a blind corner cabinet is truly a must-have for any kitchen.

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