In Sacramento, it only rains on about 63 days a year. But rain isn't what makes patio covers in Sacramento a necessity. The sun shines 269 days a year and while some of those days are pleasant, on other days the sun beats down.

It's not pleasant to spend time in your backyard when the hot summer sun is heating things up too much. 

But what type of patio cover should you install? Check out some of these favorite patio covers that Sacramento homeowners love. 

Solid Patio Covers

There are a few ways to add usable space to your home. Adding usable space not only boosts your home's value, but also makes living there more pleasant. Covering your patio is one such way.

Solid patio covers are perfect for full protection from the sun and rain. Not only do they provide shade from the scorching sun during the summer, but they also keep the rain off during the winter. 

They also provide excellent protection for your patio furniture from the elements. Fabrics will last longer and won't fade as fast without constant exposure to the sun. And you won't have to worry about bringing your furniture in when it rains. 

There are a couple of different types. Non-insulated covers are an economical option that are great for providing shade.

If you want to take things one step further, opt for an insulated cover. The insulation helps keep the patio area warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.

Evening out the temperature like this allows you to spend even more time outdoors. You can extend the barbecuing season well into the winter months and intense summer heatwaves won't send you running for AC as quickly.

For solid patio covers, we love Duralum products. Not only are they resistant to heat and corrosion, but also the non-stick surface is easy to clean. 

Lattice Patio Covers

Lattice patio covers are a nice option when you don't want to block out all the sunshine. Perhaps you have potted plants on your patio or would like to let more light into your house. The lattice structure allows a little sunshine to stream in while keeping out the strongest rays of the sun.

A good contractor will study the position of the sun in relation to your house. They can install the lattice panels to channel the sunlight in the direction you want it to go or to block the sun the most during the hottest times of the day. 

They are also a very stylish addition that can be adapted to work with many different house styles. 

Favorite Materials

There are a few different materials you can choose from when building your patio cover. Let's take a look at the most common ones.


Aluminum is an excellent economical option. Not only is it inexpensive, but also extremely low maintenance. Aluminum posts won't rot or warp like wood and don't require painting. 

What if you love the look of wood? Duralum makes a beautiful aluminum product that looks just like wood. Enjoy all the convenience of aluminum with the beautiful look of wood. 


For a different look, you can opt for fiberglass instead. With fiberglass, you can create beautiful pillars reminiscent of Greek or Roman architecture, but with a modern flair, of course.

Fiberglass is also very durable so you don't have to worry about your patio cover falling apart anytime soon!


Stucco is a beautiful, premium option for your posts. Stucco posts are super elegant and go well with the Mediterranean-style houses that are so popular in the Sacramento area. 

To change up the look, you can get different shaped columns. Pick from circular, rectangular, or square posts. 

Removable Covers

If you don't want to add a permanent structure to your home, you can opt for a removable patio cover instead. Here are a couple of favorite types among Sacramento homeowners.  

Retractable Awning

Installing a retractable awning is an easy way to cover your patio part-time. When you want to use your patio area, simply extend the awning over your sitting space. 

But perhaps in the winter months when you're not using your patio too much, you would prefer that the sun shine in through the windows. Simply retract the awning when you don't want cover. 

The shades are made from durable, weatherproof fabric. Choose from either a hand-crank or motorized model for easy extension/retraction. 

Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to add the right character and charm to your home.

Sail Shade

For a more nautical theme, you could opt for a sail shade instead. Simply hang the strong high-density polyethene mesh fabric in an attractive manner over your patio area.

A sail shade allows more light in while still blocking up to 95% of the UV rays from the sun. The shade it provides can also reduce the temperature of your patio by about 15 degrees. 

Motorized Patio Shade

To add even more protection and privacy to your patio, consider a motorized patio shade. These shades attach to your patio cover and you can raise and lower them to make partial walls. 

This is perfect for enjoying your patio in the afternoons when the sun is slanted and may be shining in sideways. This heats up your patio and limits where you can sit without being in direct sunlight. 

Motorized patio shades give you the ability to block those sun rays at the touch of a button so you can continue enjoying your patio all through the evening. 

Patio Covers in Sacramento 

Whatever type of patio cover you install will raise the value of your home. Duralum even allows you to pass the warranty from one homeowner to another! That's not common among manufacturers.

Are you looking for more information on patio covers in Sacramento? Contact us today!

Whether you want to add a patio cover, replace your windows, or remodel your kitchen or bathroom, we can help. We have extensive experience with all sorts of home improvements and are ready to help you with your next project!

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